New gift card lets you spend at more than 9,000 stores


A new gift card has been launched and you can spend it at 9,000 stores across the UK – but there’s a catch.

As you might have guessed, Charity Shop Gift Cards can only be redeemed at Charity Shops.


A new gift card has been launched and you can spend it at 9,000 stores across the UK – but there’s a catch

Like any other gift card, you can buy a gift card for a friend or family member and load it with money to start spending.

The only difference is that they have to stick to the charity shops on the High Street.

Although they will have a lot of options – the card was created in collaboration with Charity Retail Association (CRA), which oversees 9,000 stores and 450 members.

This is a first of its kind card scheme and gives buyers an opportunity to grab something frugal without impacting the environment.

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The advent of the card comes as millions of families grapple with the problem cost of life crisis And families find ways to push their money further: Bills Flying high

Charity Shop Gift Card lets shoppers save Pennies Feather Clothes Being frugal – and it’s also made from recyclable board and is compostable.

It’s also available as an e-card and you can buy it from major high street retailers or online at:

we recently talked to a charity shop specialist Which revealed exactly what you need to look for the best buys in stores.

Use the CRA to Find Out Where You Can Use the Card store Locator,

CRA Chief Executive Officer Robin Osterley said: “The number continues to grow environmental Conscious people who want to buy from charity shops And want to encourage your family and friends to do the same.

“Our members are excited to be able to take advantage of this enthusiast through the thriving gift card market. It’s a gift card for good.”

How long do gift cards last?

Martin Lewis first Shoppers warned About the dangers of buying a gift card as a gift.

He appeared on ITV’s This Morning. told in october 2020: “If the company goes bad, they are worthless.”

He added: “Some of them are dated, so if someone buys them for you and you don’t use them in two years they’re not worth anything.”

However, the Charity Shop Gift Card has an expiration of 24 months, so you will have plenty of time to use it.

But beware, if you do not do so, the balance remaining on the card will be forfeited on expiry and the gift card will be retained by the CIC.

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No notice will be given to the customers before this happens.

Be sure to check the card Terms and conditions,

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