My neighbour built a wooden cabin blocking light to my garden – we’re furious


A pensioner becomes enraged after building a wooden cabin in his neighbor’s garden that blocks his light.

Ian Adams, 88, said the office next door was “huge and aggressive” and alleged it was built without planning permission.


Ian Adams is furious with his neighbor for building a wooden cabin he claims blocks his lightcredit: hyde news and pictures
He has his own wooden cabin but is disappointed with his neighbor's large structure


He has his own wooden cabin but is disappointed with his neighbor’s large structurecredit: hyde news and pictures

But neighbor Stuart Walker said he did not need permission because the building – about 3 meters long and 4 meters wide – is not a permanent structure.

Mr. Adams of Woodcoat, oxfordshiretold The Sun: “My neighbor is quite a nice guy. I don’t have a problem with my neighbors, except now there’s an extension that’s taking in all the sunlight coming in from the south.”

Mr Adams accused the council of failing to act on his complaints and said several emails remained unanswered.

He then appointed a surveyor, who wrote the plan to the head of the council. He got a reply to close the case.

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Ian has his own wooden cabin in his garden, but is dissatisfied with his neighbor because it is large and allegedly blocks sunlight.

A council meeting is said to have agreed that the building violated planning rules, but ruled that it was too far away not to block out too much sunlight.

Mr. Adams, the magazine’s retired publisher, said he was approached by a neighbor in August about construction.

They claimed they agreed that the office lays out the planning rules.

He continued: “It was the end of October, when I saw that thing standing up and thought ‘this is a little big for a garden office – and it was crappy.

“I spoke to the local planning department and was asked how offensive it was. I sent pictures and explained why it was offensive to me.”

The disgruntled neighbor, who has lived at the property for 12 years, said: “I don’t have immediate plans to take further action, but I want to do something.

“I have an option of going to the Ombudsman, but I don’t know who he is or what the likely outcome will be, but I think I will do so before going to the expense of going into a legal case.”

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The Walker family stated that the office was technically classified as a stationary caravan and thus did not require planning permission.

He also claimed that the council had confirmed that this was the case, and that he had informed the neighbour.

Ian accused the council of failing to act on his complaints


Ian accused the council of failing to act on his complaintscredit: hyde news and pictures


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