Millions are still confused about what can and can’t be recycled


Millions of adults are still confused about what can be recycled at home, with 55% unknowingly not collecting soft plastics such as carrier bags and salad bags in kerbside collections.

A study of 2,000 adults found that 36% incorrectly believed that toilet roll wrappers could be put on council. recycling boxes, while 30% thought of supermarket bags.


Millions of people are still confused about what can be recycled and what cannot.

Others also believed that bread bags (21%), salad packaging (19%) and drinks could be shrink wrap (11%). recycled From home.

But only 33% are confident they can identify flexible plastic items in the home.

It also emerged 95% regularly Recycle what can they do.

Figures revealed in a study conducted by Permanent Online Grocery Abel and Colewhich launched the study to mark the launch of its doorstep recycling scheme for flexible plastics – something that accounts for 300,000 tons packaging Wasted a year

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Following a trial earlier this year, the service is being rolled out across the UK, and will see the brand collect flexible plastic from anyone. retail seller Homes can be recycled and reused into sustainable building materials.

Hugo Lynch, Sustainability Projects Manager at Abel & Cole, said: “Ever since we first launched our organic vegan delivery service 33 years ago, we have been passionate about doing what is best for the planet.

“And this passion extends to helping our customers live their lives to the fullest sustainable also stays.

“Introducing ‘plastic pick-up’ nationwide is one of our most ambitious plans yet, but we know it’s going to be worth it – with the potential to save tons waste Every single day from the landfill. ,

To celebrate the launch and help Britons catch up with flexible plastic in their trash, the former British female number one tennis player, Johanna Kontajoined forces with online retailer to showcase scrunch test To find out what can and cannot be recycled with the new plan.

johanna Said: ‘I care a lot about the environment and always do my best to contribute positively – whether at home or being vocal about the use of plastics in my sport.

“But I also struggle to know what I can and can’t recycle at home.”

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