McDonald’s fans can get 30% off their order tomorrow – but there’s a catch


McDonald’s will offer a delicious discount tomorrow—but there’s a catch.

You’ll be able to get 30% off any menu item from breakfast muffins to a Big Mac.


McDonald’s is running a discount for a limited time.

But to get the discount you have to place your order through My McDonald’s Get it delivered to your home through the app macdelivery,

a medium Big Mac Meals Usually costs £5.29, so with a 30% discount this means you’ll pay £3.70 – a savings of over £1.50.

A Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal would normally sell for £3.99, but with a 30% discount it would be only £1.19 – a savings of £2.80.

The cost of a meal can vary between each McDonald’s across the country, so the exact amount you pay — and how much you’ll save — will depend on your local branch.

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Keep in mind that you will have to pay the delivery cost when ordering your food. It’s around £3.99 but can vary depending on where you are.

We’ve asked if there is a minimum cost to get the deal and will update when we hear back.

You have to order your food through the app tomorrow, June 16 between 12:01 PM to 11:59 PM.

You can also apply only Discount for one order, so choose your favorite gifts carefully.

Download the app and go to the Deals section, place an order for your food. Discount will be added at checkout.

This deal is not available at McDonald’s restaurants or through other delivery service apps such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

Some McDonald’s restaurants are out of the deal. You can find the list of excluded restaurants Here,

The deal comes as the company celebrates the fifth birthday of its McDelivery service.

as well as discounts, McDonald’s Four hotspots have been created across the country, where customers can soak sunshine And enjoy McDelivery al fresco with summertime entertainment.

Each venue has live music, lawn games and you’ll be able to take home a complimentary McDonald’s themed picnic blanket while the stock lasts.

are in place London, liverpool, Brighton And cardiff,

People living in London will also be able to get a free Tiramisu McFlurry at a hot spot close to the Southbank.

This new McFlurry features dairy ice cream with chocolate-flavored biscuit crumbs and a coffee-flavored sauce.

The temperature is rising and ice cream is on our minds. If You Can’t Get a Free McFlurry Take a Look Six ways you can get free or cheap ice cream,

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