Major rule change means you can cancel mobile with no exit fee from TODAY – your rights explained


A major rule change means you can cancel your mobile phone bill starting today with no exit fees – we explain what you need to know.

This means you don’t have to put in any more effort to eliminate your current phone bill, should you have a better offers elsewhere,


You can switch mobile phone provider within weeks with no exit chargescredit: getty

The changes are taking place today, June 17th – which means you can now switch without facing the penalty that usually applies when you want to exit early.

Ofcom has made changes in its european electronic communication code,

This means that if you are unhappy with any changes made by your provider, you can go for free.

This is because over the past month many providers have increased costs for customers, as their wallets are already squeezed. cost of life crisis,

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O2 and Virgin Mobile Bills increased to £48 per year from April.

whereas BT, EE and Vodafone At the same time their prices increased to £74 per year.

And three million mobile customers Following price changes of their own, they were forced to spend an additional £31 per year.

With every extra penny customers will have to pay, they’re looking at ways they can reduce costs—and switching to a cheaper deal is one of them.

But not if the exit fee exceeds the savings they can make.

Luckily the new rules mean they don’t have to worry about it.

Mobile giant O2 has already sent emails to its customers explanation of change,

The company disclosed that it was giving customers more opportunities to cancel – under certain circumstances,

On its website the provider states: “If we make changes to our charges, terms and conditions, or services that are not specifically to your advantage, you may cancel your agreement early without paying an early termination fee.” may be entitled to

O2 also noted that you will receive at least 30 days’ notice of that change and your right to cancel at the same time.

This will probably come in another email, just as customers have already been notified of the upcoming shake-up.

However today this change may not cause you to give up your contract – and that’s because it doesn’t affect you negatively.

There are other criteria that mean you can’t even jump ship without facing charges.

This can vary between providers so it is always a good idea to comb through the Ts and Cs before entering into a contract, so you are not met with any unpleasant surprises.

For example, O2 couldn’t let you go for free simply because it increased the cost of specific services, such as the cost of sending paper bills or international call rates.

Changes that are only administrative and do not have a negative impact on you, such as changing the address you need to write to, also will not guarantee that a customer can leave penalty-free.

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Switching isn’t the only way to lower your bill if you want to cut costs this way — you can too. try to bargain Better price with your current provider.

or you can check exactly how much you use, and Cut unnecessary valuable allowancesLike unlimited data and more, especially if you don’t use them.

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