Lotto couple’s ecological survey flags up bat issue that may impact on plans for a mansion in Edinburgh


A mega-rich lotto pair were warned that plans for their £5m mansion could be brought to a standstill by the batsmen.

Lisa Charters And husband Craig, both 33, want to demolish a modest bungalow and replace it with a new £5 million villa with views of Edinburgh Castle.


Lisa and Craig Charters Hoping to Build a Mega Mansion in Edinburgh

but now – after The project attracted about 50 objections. – The pair have discovered that they have to keep track of the city’s bat population.

The architects acting for the couple commissioned an ecological survey.

The study, conducted by David Dodds Associates Ltd, found that four bat species were recorded within 5 kilometers of the site.

And the surrounding habitat was found to have a “moderate suitability” which was used by the bats for roosting, foraging and commuting.

No evidence of settlement of bats was found during the “Stage 1” roast evaluation.

But it said his absence did not rule out his presence at other times.

It said: “The building on site has good suitability and will require a further survey to determine whether bats are using it.”

It said: “Based on these findings, either two sunset bat emergence surveys, or one sunset emergence survey and one morning re-entry survey, with sufficient surveyors, are required to be equipped with broadband bat detectors to view all heights of the building.” is recommended.”

And it said there are a number of ways the site could be ecologically enhanced, including the use of “bait boxes” for “roasting opportunities.”

The surveyor said: “Restoring the hedgerow and treeline provides connectivity between habitats to bats and other mammals. Alternatively, bat bricks or slats could be included in the proposed development.

The survey states that laws have been enacted to prevent harassment or disturbance of bats.

In April we revealed that 48 comments submitted reacted negatively to the plans presented by the couple – who have shared in the £33million lottery jackpot won by Lisa’s parents.

There were 15 comments of support.

Lisa and Craig broke into the three-bedroom single-story pad last year by paying £200,000 over the £670,000 asking price.

They want to strip it down and replace it with an architect-designed modernist home with a zinc exterior, five glass-fronted bedrooms, and a driveway rising from the garden.

Lisa from Hawke, Roxburghshire, announced her engagement to Craig on a Bahamas beach in 2017.

The architect of the pair was contacted for comment.

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