Little-known problem affecting household appliances is adding £37 to your energy bills – how to fix


Cost-efficient homeowners should be aware of this little-known problem affecting home appliances.

Limescale build-up in your kettle can make drinks taste bad, but a serious build-up can also reduce the efficiency of the heating element.


To get rid of not only limescale, but a buildup of gritty bacteria—try our suggestioncredit: getty
White wine has been proven to work wonders on limescale in the shower


White wine has been proven to work wonders on limescale in the showercredit: getty


And it’s not just your jug—limescale can build up into other appliances too, adding money to your bills every year.

By following these simple steps, you can save an easy £36.81 every year – here’s how to fix it.


limescale Reducing the impurities that can cause problems can be minimized by using a water filter in your kettle.

take off your kettle can be done using Lemon juice either white vinegar,

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With either option, all you have to do is fill half the kettle with lemon juice or vinegar and the remaining half with water.

Then leave it for at least an hour before boiling, add it after you boil it and boil it a second time with water to get rid of any acidic taste.

When the cost breaks down, Limescale getting into a kettle This can add up to an additional £9.18 on top of an annual average cost of £76.51.

Washing machine

Some of the most expensive home appliances to run can be found in the kitchen – including washing machines.

Not only to get rid of limescale, but buildup of gritty bacteria, Try this tip.

Run an empty, regular cycle on the hottest setting (minimum 60ºC).

couple a few white vinegar In detergent tray – about 250ml.

White vinegar is a great natural ingredient for neutralizing bad odors and killing any bacteria in the washing machine drum.

while waiting for the cycle to end, clean the exterior of the machine with a white vinegar cleaning solution and a cleaning cloth.

a Mrs. Hincho have to use hack Stardrops White Vinegar Spray And a sonic scrubber – to remove limescale.

Run another empty, regular cycle on hot — without any detergent or vinegar, but try adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to the drum to remove any buildup.

After the cycle is complete, take a cloth of your choice and a cleaning spray clean the inside of the machine,

Wait for it to dry completely before closing – as this will prevent any mold from forming.


White Wine Has Been Proven to Work Wonders Limescale in the shower.

Harvey Water Softener says that limescale can shorten the lifespan of our home appliances and bathroom fittings.

Harvey’s Tony Jones says House cleaners urged to stay away from expensive products and start with regular limescale cleaner from shops.

They say: “They’re cheap but read the label properly to make sure it’s appropriate to use on the affected area.”

It removes limescale naturally by breaking down calcium carbonate so that it can be easily cleaned.

“Here only comes the tricky part if you are doing vertical glass cleaning.

“This makes it difficult to soak the affected area. This can be resolved, though. Just apply a little more wine and repeat this process a few times until the stain is gone.”

Give yourself a squeegee to wipe away residue for high shine. Ikea has it for 75p.

Will Owen, energy savings expert at, said: “Studies show that a severe limescale build-up can reduce heating efficiency by up to 12 percent, which amounts to an additional £19 per year for the average household bath use. adds up.”

dish cleaner

Dishwashers have a habit of getting gross very quickly, but busy mother-of-two shared her hack To sort them out in no time.

Carolina McCauley Posted his cleaning hack on Instagram where it has garnered over 150,000 views.

Her dishwasher is stained, dirty and with limescale buildup in the beginning of her video.

In the caption she said: “If your dishwasher is getting a little dirty on the inside, just pour 2 tablespoons citric acid into the detergent cup and run a quick cycle.

“You’ll be amazed by the difference.”

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Keep an eye out for cleaners you can use every couple of months in a wash that gets rid of any unpleasant odors and limescale.

It’s anti-bacterial and will slough away any pesky limescale, leaving your clean wash fresh and free of bugs.

Dishwashers can easily become stained, muddy and a build-up of limescale


Dishwashers can easily become stained, muddy and a build-up of limescalecredit: getty
Limescale that builds up in a kettle can make your drink tastier—and affect your electricity bill


Limescale that builds up in a kettle can make your drink tastier—and affect your electricity billcredit: getty


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