List of areas set to get £150 council tax rebate THIS MONTH


Thousands of families across the UK will see £150 council tax exemption land in their accounts in the coming weeks.

Many people have already availed the government help, but there are many more who are still waiting to receive their payments in June.


This month more families will get their £150 paymentcredit: getty

They will also come as a welcome relief, as the country grapples with crushing cost of life crisis,

Chancellor Rishi Sunki Free support announced Earlier this year in February to help people deal with rising inflation.

if your Property Belongs to the council tax band A to D, you are entitled to a one-time cash payment from the government which is being liquidated by your local authority.

£150 does not need to be repaid, but the date you can expect will change depending on your region and how you make your payment Council tax bill.

Woman uses £150 council tax exemption to stock her fridge full of beer
List of areas giving extra cash on top of the £150 council tax exemption

there are many councils already had them,

Sunderland Council delivered its payment in late April, and the same goes for residents living in Leeds, Bracknell, and more.

You can find your local council by using government search toolTo check when you can get it if you haven’t already expected to receive your payment.

Meanwhile, we list down the councils that will start making payments from this month.

Cash giving areas in June

North East Lincolnshire Council Writing to any resident who has not already received a payment of £150, as of tomorrow, to confirm details so that they can receive their money this month.

same for anyone living in derm,

The council has already issued 23,078 energy rebate payments, totaling around £3.4 million, but anyone who doesn’t have a piece of it can expect to get some contact by next month.

Residents of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Breckland and Fenland will not have to wait much either, as the latest payment will be made by 7 June.

Although there is a catch in timely delivery of payments – they must have Applied if they are a non-DIRect debit payers till June 5

If you live in that area but don’t complete the form by that time, you’ll have to wait until mid-June to credit your council tax account.

Cherwell Council has said it aims to make all of its rebate payments throughout June and July.

in the meantime ElmbridgeCouncil taxpayers who have not paid by direct debit will be able to claim from June 10.

Many will even initiate their own payments – you just have to check with your own authority for the latest.

What if I am not eligible for the £150 payment?

Eligibility for the council tax exemption applies to all residents throughout the UK, but does not mean that everyone will receive it.

If you are not in bands A to D you will not qualify.

But the tax energy rebate scheme on top of the main council has been given to the councils. £144m discretionary fund,

those who are Not eligible for £150 will be able to apply, Like those in the council tax band EH.

But not only that, people who fall into the right category can also get a “top-up”.

it means they get £150. money on top ofProviding assistance to families in total up to £170 or £200 in some cases.

In any case, you can check your Local Council website And when you will get the cash for social media page latest updates, it is more or not.

If You Think You’re Losing That Cash You Can Challenge Your Council Tax Band If you think it is wrong.

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Just be aware that revaluing your band could put you in the lower band where you pay more council tax, so consider the risks.

You can also apply for council tax reduction If you are on a low income or claim other benefits – in some cases you can even get a discount of up to 100%.

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