I’ve been charged almost £3k on energy bills & threatened with court – I only live in a tiny flat… it’s INSANE


A new mother whose energy bill has skyrocketed to £6,000 a year has described the increase as “crazy”.

Irsi Haika, who lives in a small city center flat, used to pay £300 every quarter – but has been billed around £3,000 for the past six months.


Irsi Haika, 24, calls being charged nearly £3,000 for his energy bills ‘crazy’credits: bpm

24-year-old who shares her Birmingham Home with her partner and their two-month-old baby, complained to SSE Energy Services but was told the figures were based on “estimated readings”.

Irsi, who is on maternity pay, says she was forced to cough, but then feared she would be unable to afford the next bill.

He said Birmingham Live: “It’s very disappointing.

“It’s a stressful situation but they couldn’t do anything to help me.”

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IRCI’s first quarter growth energy bill was for £1,119.64 – an increase of 275 per cent.

“It was crazy”, she said.

“It was summer time when I wasn’t at home most of the time, and my apartment is so small.”

The mother’s mother asked her supplier to check that her meter was recording correctly, but she claims no one ever came because they were “extremely busy”.

Weeks later, a worried Irsi received a “final notice before court action” letter and a £100 late payment fine – so he paid.

But to her surprise, she was billed £1,790.84 for the next three months.

“Is this a joke?” Irsi said.

“I tried calling him several times but no one could help me.”

SSE Energy Service said the charges were based on an “approximate reading” calculated from five digits when ERSI’s account was set up to receive only four digits.

This means they were being “manually replaced” based on readings from 2019 but were not picked up due to “deficiency in service”.

A spokesperson confirmed that her account has now been updated and her dues will be returned to Irsi, along with £50 as a gesture of goodwill.

He added: “We are deeply sorry Ms Haika for the time it took to resolve this matter.”

This year lakhs of households are getting exorbitant electricity bills.

energy price capWhich came into effect on 1 April, taking the household average bill to £1,971 per year.

But experts warn It’s £2,800. can grow up to Come October.

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Government declared several emergency Measures to help the British pay for the increase,

Support is available from a number of organizations, including suppliers, charities, the government, and local councils.


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