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We understand that the only time you need to do any homework is in the evening after work.

But unfortunately, if you vacate your house after 6 pm, you are breaking the law.

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Is it illegal to use a vacuum cleaner after 6 pm?

If you make a loud noise, such as hoovering, after 6 p.m., you could be an accidental law breaker.

This is because nuisance behavior is not limited to loud music and late night parties and any sound that exceeds a tolerable decibel level.

according gorvins solicitorYou are not legally allowed to exceed the following decibel levels:

  • 34 dBA if the built-in noise level does not exceed 24 dBA
  • 10 dBA above the built-in noise level if it is more than 24 dBA

What does the law say about noisy homework?

Senior Disputes Solicitor Danielle Clements, Gorvins Solicitors, told Sun Online: “Many people don’t realize they are breaking the law by doing a simple household task because of the noise level that a hoover emits.

“Unusual noise is one of the biggest causes of neighborly disputes and is on the rise.

“The first port of call for all complaints and nuisance neighbors regarding noise regarding hoovering and other things is the local council.

“Reporting nuisance noises such as hooversing after a certain amount of time and doing DIY at inconsistent hours will result in the council sending an environmental health officer to assess the noise level and determine whether to issue a fixed penalty notice to offenders.” should go or not.

“We always advise anyone who is experiencing problems with their neighbors to first speak to their local council or, if the problem persists, seek professional legal advice.”

Are there any other surprising domestic laws?

Gorvins solicitors compiled a list of 13 things that seem innocent can result in you breaking the law.

How many of these have you done?

  • Connect your washing line, garden hose or even plants to a neighbor’s wall or fence without first obtaining consent. This is your neighbor’s property so consent is required.
  • Heating the hot tub can be troublesome due to the noise.
  • It is illegal to cut down trees on your neighbor’s property. Only cut foliage to the extent that they outgrow your soil, and you can’t cut any branches if the tree has a conservation order.
  • Throwing hanging plants or hedge trimmings into your neighbor’s house without permission can count as garden waste fly tipping.
  • Taking fruit from a neighbor’s tree, even if it hangs in your garden, is theft.
  • Keeping chickens can create noises, odors, flies and insects that can be considered nuisance behavior.
  • Bright security lighting can cause light pollution or a nuisance if it shines directly into a neighbor’s property.
  • For example, smoke from a wood burner or barbecue in the home can cause a nuisance.
  • Make sure any CCTV cameras around your property do not point at part or all of a neighbor’s land. This may in some cases violate privacy laws under the Human Rights Act and possibly lead to allegations of harassment.
  • Take care that you place children’s trampolines to make sure the noise isn’t too disturbing, but also to avoid letting children (and adults) see into neighbors’ gardens and influencing their right to privacy.
  • It is recommended by environmental health authorities that noisy DIY should only occur between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and never on Sundays.
  • If you are parking a caravan on your drive, consider whether the condition of the vehicle could affect your neighbors’ right to light and cause a nuisance.
  • Do not use a neighbor’s unsecured WiFi connection without their knowledge i.e. ‘piggybacking’. Criminal charges can be brought against you under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 / Communications Act 2003.


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