I’m an Indian takeaway owner – the secret trick to get up to 30% off your order EVERY time


TAKEAWAYS is a delicious yet expensive treat – but an Indian restaurant owner has come up with a trick to save up to 30% on your order every time.

Jasdeep Singh, 23, owner of Little Curry House in Glasgow, said you can cut your bill by up to 30% by picking it up directly from the restaurant. Through a delivery app.


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He’s been making curries for hungry diners for nearly four years, placing 350 takeaway orders a week from the 300 customers he serves at his restaurant.

But making changes to the way you’re ordering, making the most of discounts or even cooking up your takeaway can all help cut your bill, he said.

On average, homes are Spending up to £73.20 per month When their grub is delivered.

But with the rise in prices, it may rise further.

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“Everyone is raising their prices by about 10% at a time, which is crazy,” he said.

In just a few months, the price of 18 kg of chicken has gone up from £60 to £63 to £90, he said.

Whereas the price of lamb has increased by 20% in the same period.

That means many restaurants have had to raise their prices – and they’ve also seen customer numbers drop as homes open. Lives are gearing up because of the cost of the crisis.

“People are not going out as much as they used to,” he said.

“Where people were out once every two weeks, now they’re out every four weeks.

“I think it’s because everything is more expensive in general, so people are trying to cut down on keeping their heads above water.”

Here are Mr. Singh’s top tips for reducing your bill.

Avoid Delivery Apps

You can order your favorite food through Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats right at your doorstep at the click of a button.

But this convenience comes at a cost, Mr Singh said.

He added that customers can pay up to 30% more for their orders through delivery apps.

These platforms charge restaurants to be listed on their apps.

So companies will pass on some of that cost to customers to offset the hit they are taking on their profit margins.

“A family of four will spend around £50 if they go directly to a restaurant to pick up their order, but they will pay £65 through delivery apps – £15 more,” he said.

Beware of rising delivery charges

Another reason why you should be wary of getting your food delivered is because restaurants are also increasing the delivery fee.

That’s because fuel prices are rising – drivers have been warned that they £2 per liter can be paidThey only cost £110 to fill.

“Six months ago our cheapest delivery fee was £2.50, and now it is £3.50,” said Mr. Singh.

“As much as we’ve tried to fill [fuel price] growth as possible, but it is showing no signs of slowing down.”

That said, it would probably be cheaper driving for many to pick up their order themselves than to pay the delivery fee.

Take advantage of discount codes

In some cases, there is no point in ordering through delivery apps if there is a good discount on it.

“Sometimes, it can be cheaper to order on Uber Eats, as it sends referrals and discount codes.

“You can get a discount on orders of £20 and these offers come to your email.”

However, there are usually situations that you have to hit in order to be exempt.

For example, the current discount for Uber Eats would be Get £12 off on your order – But only if you spend £15 or more.

It’s still worth checking if you’re saving with a discount code compared to ordering directly from the restaurant.

When to order the perfect food

If you want your order to be made with the freshest ingredients, order on Friday.

This is because restaurants prepare their food on the same “three-day cycle”, Mr. Singh said.

According to Mr. Singh, many restaurants prepare batches of food on Thursdays and Mondays to be sold over the next three days.

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This is because until the end of three days, you cannot use or sell this food.

“You’re guaranteed to get fresh food on Friday, while on Saturday, you could end up with stuff that isn’t fresh.”

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