I’m an ex-Morrisons ‘yellow sticker man’ worker


A huge jump in food prices is hurting shoppers—but a former Morrisons worker shares her secrets to getting the best deals every time.

Dubbed the “Yellow Sticker Man,” 48-year-old Al Baker of Aldershot worked at the supermarket for just over two years.


A former Morrisons worker reveals his tips for getting yellow sticker items

Her job was to lower the price of food by its sale date—and she reveals her top tips for it Completing your bargain hunt.

you can often Save up to 75% on yellow sticker items – They are reduced so that supermarkets can move stock quickly.

He said more and more shoppers are turning to yellow sticker purchases cost of life crisis Budget squeezes.

Al started working in his local Morrison After being fired from my job in e-commerce in 2020, and saw a dozen or so customers regularly come looking for yellow sticker offers.

The yellow sticker offers bargains that could actually cost you more
Supermarket secrets that will cut your food bill in half—including a clever aisle tip

But he said that number has jumped to 50 or 60 buyers — and that’s because buyers are trying to save more and more cash as bills rise.

He shut down his scanner and sticker gun two weeks ago to focus on growing his finance blog, the penny pincher — and told The Sun about the secrets to yellow stickers you need to know.

His suggestions will come in handy as houses have been warned Grocery bills are set to rise by £271 per year.

The latest figures show that there has been a 37 per cent jump in the prices of some essential items.

If you want to use Al’s tips, but you’re not sure where your local branch is, use the supermarket’s branch locator tool.

when to go shopping

Timing is everything when it comes to getting best yellow stickers offerAl said.

He claimed that slashing the cost of items at specific times of day is standard in most Morrisons stores.

“There are two reductions – one reduction is at 9 pm just before the shops close, when there is a discount of 15-20%.

“When the next morning comes the bargain hunters will clean out the shelves a bit, and the staff will turn around and shred the old food the next day.

“This final cut is from 6:30 PM to 7 PM – you can get 90% off this time.”

shop with friends

You might think that shopping for yellow sticker items alone is the best thing to do — but if you’re doing it at Morrisons, bring your friends, Al said.

“All the departments – butcher, delicacy, bakery, fruit and vegetable and then prepared food – discount items at the same time.

“So go with friends and spread across the store to get all the best deals.”

You won’t have time to wander all the aisles alone and pick up the best deals – there’s a lot of competition, so the best bits are picked up quickly.

So shop as part of a group and share amongst yourself what you managed to pick up.

don’t buy too much

In the bargain aisles of shoppers, the competition for bargains can be fierce and you may be tempted to carry as many discounted groceries as possible in your trolley.

but al said you should resist the pressure And think carefully about what you are buying.

“I’ve done this many times – you fill up your basket and you find out that day those items are getting old and you just don’t have enough room to store it in the freezer.

“Things like potatoes are fine, but if you don’t have enough space in the freezer to store packets of mincemeat, for example, you’re not saving money — you’re wasting money by throwing it away.”

A good way to avoid falling into this trap is to know the difference between “use by” and “sell by” dates to help you figure out when to eat your food.

“Use by dates means you have to use it in that time period, whereas sell by date is different—the food can be eaten if it goes beyond that date, but may not be of high quality.”

go on christmas eve

You might think that Christmas Eve is all about sneaking up on the couch and pacifying any over-excited little ones.

But you might want to dip into your local supermarket to get some epic discounts.

“I wasn’t lucky last year, but a year ago, I found a turkey on Christmas Eve that was £7 less than £50.”

You can even get your veggies at very low prices – which means if you’re lucky, you can get your Christmas dinner ingredients for a lot less than usual.

Hit Up To Good To Go

If you use the To Good To Go app, customers can get £15 worth of food for just £3.09, Al said.

The app works by letting stores list extra food that was being simply thrown away at heavily discounted prices.

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You can pick up a “mystery bag” of goodies that usually contain staples like fruits, vegetables, and bread.

“It’s a good way to save money – but it’s popular, so you have to act quick to get them,” he said.

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