I’m an appliance repair pro – 5 common mistakes which could break your boiler & cost you thousands


Even after suffering from ice-cold showers, a boiler breakdown can leave you hot and sore.

Repairing or replacing your boiler can be costly, so avoid the common wrong steps that can result in service bills in the thousands.


Common mistakes can damage your boiler, costing repairs in the thousandscredit: getty
Scheduling regular maintenance for your boiler is important, even in the summer.


Scheduling regular maintenance for your boiler is important, even in the summer.credit: getty

experts boiler guide Explained mistakes that often lead to costly losses. Repairing a boiler costs about $400 on average, but if your boiler is more than eight years old, any damage may require replacement—which comes with a $2,000 price tag.

Here’s what you can do to properly treat your boiler and avoid the cost and hassle.

Don’t leave the heat on all summer

You may be tempted to leave your heat on all summer long to cut costs, but you’ll risk more expensive repairs in the fall.

“Leaving a boiler off for a long time can lead to parts seizing,” explained the pros at Boiler Guide.

“If that happens it won’t work when you turn it on again after the summer.”

You don’t have to run your stove all summer long—just turn it on several times throughout the season.

don’t forget to powerflush

If you haven’t heard of PowerFlush, congratulations! You’ve probably never been hurt by the clumsy clunking of a noisy boiler.

During a powerflush, an engineer pumps cleaning fluid through the entire heating system to eliminate rust and deposits.

This can be an expensive maintenance task, running several hundred dollars, but it should be less expensive to do it consistently – and it will help your boiler last longer.

Don’t Neglect Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators is another job that will protect your boiler from cold weather.

This releases trapped air, helping your entire home heating system to work more evenly and consistently.

When your central heating is off, put a bleed screw on your radiator to let the water and air out, and make sure you have a cloth and a bucket.

Check the boiler pressure after you bleed the radiators, as this process can reduce the pressure.

Don’t miss regular service checks

Annual boiler service is essential, so don’t skip it.

The technician will be able to diagnose any problems, and may also report major risks, such as carbon monoxide leaks from gas boilers.

In addition, an engineer should be able to make repairs quickly if necessary, the Boiler Guide experts wrote, unless they need to order specialized parts.

Book 30 minutes on your calendar for this important service to keep your boiler running.

don’t let your pipes freeze

While the weather is hot, take on a summer project: insulating your pipes.

“Frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage,” warn the Boiler Guide pros, “not only to your heating system but also to your home if the pipe were to burst.”

Insulation is cheap, and it should reduce your energy consumption and heating bill in the winter.

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Don’t make the mistake of leaving your pipes in place and suffering from poor water pressure, or even bursting and leaking when the temperature drops.

Take the time to tune your boiler this summer and enjoy a maintenance-free, warm and comfortable home.

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