I’m an appliance pro – the cheapest time to run your washing machine to cut your energy bills


Homes are facing exorbitant energy bills but simple changes such as when you use your washing machine can help you save money.

Waiting just a few hours for your laundry can help you cut your bills, but only if you’re on time-sensitive energy charges.


We reveal when is the best time to do your laundry to save moneycredit: getty

Save as much cash as you can at your home Bills A major concern for millions of Britons.

chancellor Rishi Sunki Last month announced a package of measures to help struggling families through the dire cost of life crisis.

everyone Families in the country will get £400 toward their energy bill, and Millions more people an additional £650. will get necessary to cover.

This comes as the latest predictions suggest Energy bill £2,800. will exceed In October.

But reducing the amount of energy you use around the house will help lower your bills.

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You can pay less if you switch to the Economy 7 tariff, which charges less for the energy used at night.

If you switch, keep track of your usage – you could end up spending more if you use a lot of energy during the day.

Keep in mind that keeping electrical equipment running at night can be a fire hazard, so make sure you are awake while the machine is running.

We explain when it’s best to wash your clothes and other tips to help you save money on your energy bills.

How much does it cost to run a washing machine?

Ovo estimates that a 6-liter washing machine uses about 1kWh of energy for a one-hour cycle.

According to Ofgem, the normal household is paying 28p per kWh for electricity.

That means it costs about 28p for an hour long cycle when you wear it Washing machine,

If you do this three times a week, it will cost you £43.68 per year.

When should I set up my laundry?

You can save money depending on what tariff you are on and if your energy supplier charges more or less for your electricity at different times of the day.

Some energy providers charge more during peak periods.

the most expensive time to do your laundry Between 4 pm to 7 pm,

If you’re on Economy 7 or off-peak tariffs, you can save cash by putting your load during less peak times of the day.

Prices will vary depending on your supplier and where you live, but earlier firms charged as little as 9.76p for off-peak rates.

Cycling three hours long at that rate would only cost £15.22 per year.

But off-peak times and rates vary between suppliers, so you’ll need to check your terms.

Although you will usually get your cheap seven hours of energy sometime between 11am and 8am.

This means that these customers can withdraw money from their bill by washing only at night.

Be careful, though – leaving home appliances on while you sleep at night can be a fire hazard, so make sure you’re awake.

How can I save money on my energy bills?

If you are struggling with your energy bills, there is help available.

should be your first step Contact your energy supplier.

This may change your payment plan or check if you are eligible for their hardship fund.

For example, British Gas And Octopus The two have set up the fund to help customers struggling with their bills.

British Gas announced last week that it has Additional £2m Added In a pot of cash set aside to help customers.

You should also check that you are getting all the benefits that you are entitled to.

use one online profit calculator To make sure you are not losing any extra cash.

Similarly, you can search for grants Which can help you pay gas and electricity bills.

The government recently announced Expansion of Domestic Assistance Fund To help families with rising cost of living.

contact your local council To find out what support is available in your area.

In the end, one of the best ways to save money is to make your home more energy efficient.

check if you can Reduce your energy use with one simple trick Like putting foil behind your radiator.

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buy a cheap Draught Excluder Can help trap hot air in your home, reducing the need to install heating.

using the Energy efficient appliances You can save money off your annual bill, and making sure your home is well insulated will help it retain heat.

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