I’m a young mum battling cancer and I face homelessness as no landlord will rent to me


A young mother with a terrible cancer is faced with homelessness because no landlord will rent her out.

Delilah May, from Skelmersdale in Lancashirehas been repeatedly rejected by landlords She is desperately trying to find somewhere to live with her three-year-old son.


Delilah and her three-year-old son Yakcredit: Main Media

The 27-year-old, who knows her friends as Dee, has been battling a brutal cancer since a shock diagnosis last year.

doctors Finally recognized the pain and swelling in Delilah’s abdomen as stage four bowel cancerWhen she dismissed them as IBS-flare ups.

But when she could barely play with her young son Jake and was broke from work, she took herself to the hospital.

Right after the gruesome discovery, Delilah underwent a life-saving operation and began grueling chemotherapy treatments.

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He said Lancashire Live: “I’ve had bloating my whole adult life so I thought it was just IBS or something but it wouldn’t go away.

“Then I was having back pain and severe abdominal pain which was preventing me from becoming a mother.

“I couldn’t go to the floor and play with my son and talk with him.

“Then one day at work my boss asked if I was okay and I burst into tears and he sent me home and I went to see a doctor.

“I was in tears begging for help and he sent me home with painkillers.”

The dark diagnosis meant that Delilah wanted to move closer to her family in West Lancashire who could help her through treatment and support her son.

Still he didn’t know how hard it was this trick Will happen.

From time to time, the landlords slammed their door on Delilah’s position – despite her offer to pay six months’ advance rent.

She also found a dream property in her ideal area with two additional rooms for caregivers to live in, if necessary – but her offer was turned down.

Since November last year, she has been trying and failing to find a home as applications have been thrown back on her face.

An email also stated that a potential landlord was “looking for a tenant who is in”. Full-time employment“- Joe Delilah can’t be as a cancer patient.

She works part time at The Ship Inn in Hasken and receives disability benefits Because of her serious illness, but none of it was enough.

Dee’s mother Christina May said: “Extremely independent, Delilah didn’t want to go with me, so it was decided that we would look somewhere nearby and offer rent six months in advance, but we didn’t have any landlords to accept her.” used to do.

“The family knew that she would need to be close to them when she was having a flare and that it would also need someone to look after her and also take care of Jake.

“Delilla applied with an increase in rent above her deposit, as an assurance that she was a tenant who could afford the house and take care of it.

“Since Delilah was unable to work while recovering from her operation, she was on disability benefits.

“Unfortunately we were emailed to say that the landlord did not want her as a tenant because she was not working full time.”

The family claims that the estates to whom they have given the properties are “not interested in hearing from their employers at The Ship Inn”.

Dee’s tragic diagnosis was not discovered until last year because medical professionals initially thought she was too young to have cancer.

By the time it was detected, the cancer had spread throughout his abdomen.

What Reasons Can a Landlord Use to Deny Your Application?

  1. bad credit
  2. an inconsistent income
  3. Negative references from former employers
  4. past expulsion
  5. history of some cases
  6. criminal record
  7. incomplete application
  8. Inability to meet rental period

What Reasons Can a Landlord Not Use to Deny Your Application?

  1. caste and religion
  2. national origin
  3. family status
  4. sex and sexual harassment
  5. sexual orientation
  6. age
  7. disability
  8. marital status
  9. arbitrary discrimination


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