I’m a supermarket pro – here’s the exact day of the week to shop to get bakery treats for 10p


When you go to the supermarket it is important that you want to keep your grocery budget to a minimum.

The store shelves are stacked high with valuable products: Inflation pushes costs through the roof — but that doesn’t mean bargains don’t happen, especially if you know when and where to look.


right when you go to the supermarket it’s importantcredit: getty

One Expert has revealed Exact day of the week to get your hands on things like bakery treats for as little as 10p.

This comes as households grapple with deteriorating conditions cost of life crisis,

Utility bills are risingand families have to make it difficult Deciding between eating, or keeping the lights on,

from John Stirzker netvoucher code Said: “We want to find easy ways to help families who are struggling without giving up food.

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“Solutions like Making a Food Shop Money Pot can help calculate how much you’re spending each week.”

However, this was not his only advice.

The supermarket pro explained that a special day of the week is when you should focus your attention bargain hunting attempts,

“Many people don’t usually shop their food on Sundays,” John said.

“But this may actually be the best time to get special deals.”

“Especially keep an eye on the bakery section,” he said.

“And listen to the announcements, because many supermarkets sell bread and cookies for 10p to get rid of the remaining stock.”

You can take that one step further and limit your bargains to a specific time of day.

John says it works yellow sticker deal especially.

If you’re not familiar, supermarkets will often lower the price of a food by the date it’s used to move stock and avoid food waste,

They’ll label the un-luck merchandise with a yellow mark-down sticker, and tie all the deals together on one shelf of the store.

the food is still good to eat, and in some cases you can freeze What you buy will also last a little longer.

But as one of the most sought-after items in supermarkets, the diminutive label shines like the sun for some shoppers.

Customers would queue for hours to find special discounted meals to take home for dinner – fights will also break on heavy goods.

That’s why it pays to visit your tee time.

John said: “Down at your local supermarket around 7pm on weekdays and 3pm on Sundays to get the best deals.

“But the times change every day to deter some frantic shoppers, so keep that in mind.”

How can I further reduce my supermarket spending?

John didn’t stop there, there are more ways he revealed you can Cut down on your supermarket spending,

If you went into the effort to get to your local store on a specific date and time, you could get more bang for your buck.

otherwise ‘special’ price

Analyze special offers, he said.

“Some offers are worth it, but some clearly aren’t,” John explained.

“Read the label to find out if a ‘large’ bottle of conditioner is priced over a medium size.

“Wait and think about half the price deal on hair products if you need to buy one. Do you need to fix them this second?

This ain’t no shop and part

And don’t go straight to the checkout, given John.

He revealed that you should take advantage of the store’s “Scan As You Shop” tool, so that as you assemble your grocery items, you can check how much you’re spending.

Not only is it an efficient way to shop, but it also helps you save every week and stop spending on unnecessary necessities.

be faithful

if you . make use of loyalty card You can reduce your expenses.

It’s worth signing up for all of them—as long as they’re free—because you never know what deals might come your way.

Check the supermarket’s website to see if they are using a loyalty plan that can let you earn extra money on every purchase you make.

“Even at a weekly shop this can equate to an extra £5 every single month,” John said.

But check out the competition

It’s always a good idea to shop around and check out the competition from other stores.

John cautioned: “This may only apply to people who have multiple shops near each other, but it can be fun to do a little research.

“Perhaps you can get your meat from one store, then your wardrobe items from another, and then the guilty pleasures from the next.

“Make it a quick and fast day trip to check out exclusive deals.”

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art of choosing what is the right date to go to the shops Like Tesco, and many more, will help you save some money on your next trip.

even many times Size (of the store) matters the most,

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