I’m a shopping expert – here’s how to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022


It’s easy to get a little confused in the crazy rush of bargain hunting on Amazon Prime Day.

The two-day event gives shoppers a chance to snap incredible deals on everything Echo Show and Kindle For Apple Airpods and Vacuum Cleaners.


Amazon Prime Day will be on July 12-13credit: getty

It will be on July 12-13.

event is a good chance amazon prime Members to save big on items across all categories.

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But trying to figure out if you’ve actually secured yourself a deal can be a little tricky.

dubbed as “Britain’s Coupon Kid” and is known for his bargain-hunting skills, jordan cox told The Sun that you can get the best deal by doing some research and being shopping savvy.

He explains his top four tips for heroine Prime Day.

Keep track of Amazon products

Prices will be cut by the thousands during a two-day bonanza featuring mega offers of amazon Own brand equipment popular among the main attractions.

The online giant also offers various promotions around some of its most popular subscription services, such as heroine Music and Amazon Video.

“Prime Day is usually one of the cheapest times of year to buy heroine products, such as Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Kindles and more,” Jordan said.

Don’t Ignore Old Gadgets

Deal-hunters will have two days to view the best offers from Amazon.

Some of the most popular categories over the years have been Technique And Gambling.

But Jordan says it’s important not to be distracted by the latest and hottest models, when you can lose a lot on some older devices.

He added: “In past years, it has become cheaper to buy items on Prime Day than on Black Friday.

“But keep in mind that the biggest discount will be on older generation technology.”

Don’t fall for quick deals

Lightning deals are one of the main draws of Prime Day, with new offers popping up every few minutes.

thought of presenting Discount On specific items for a limited time.

While they can help you save money if you buy during the deadline, you may end up buying items you don’t really need or need.

Jordan says it’s important to stay sane and don’t jump at the first deal you see.

He said: “Don’t get bogged down in electricity deals, because there will be a lot of stuff here that you probably don’t need.

“Avoid unnecessary spending if you can, and keep a list of the things you need.”

If you don’t need it in the first place, you’re not saving money to buy it – you’re actually spending money you didn’t intend to.

do your research

It’s important to always shop around and compare prices online to make sure you’re really getting the best deal.

Jordan recommends using sites like camel camel cameland treasured detective To see price changes throughout the year.

They are useful tools for shoppers to check whether a discount on a particular item is really worth it.

Jordan says: “Before you buy anything on Prime Day, it’s a good idea to check out CamelCamelCamel.

“It’s a price history tool that tells you what any Amazon item has been worth in the past.

“It can tell you whether or not they’re offering a ‘Prime Day deal’ — or if it’s probably not the best time to buy.”

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon Prime Day will be on 12-13 July this year.

Deals usually start at midnight and go on till 11.59 pm the next day, giving shoppers plenty of time to bargain.

How can I participate in Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day deals only available for Amazon Prime members.

you a. can sign up for 30 days free try If you’ve never signed up for Prime before.

Doing so will mean you’ll have access to sale deals during Prime Day with the same perks as regular members.

sign up on bus amazon website – But remember to cancel your subscription before the trial starts, to avoid paying a fee of £7.99 per month, or £79 per year.

Where can I get the best Amazon Prime Day deals?

The best place to nab the latest deals is by visiting the Amazon Prime Day Hub.

From there, you’ll be able to go through the categories that interest you.

Amazon also says that using them See the list Will help you find any electricity deal.

Buyers can download the Amazon app, set up deal alerts with Alexa devices, and sign-up to newsletters to stay updated on deals.

I’m a student – can I participate in Amazon Prime Day?

Students who have Amazon Prime membership can participate in the shopping event.

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an amazon student subscription The low monthly cost is just £3.99, or £39 per year.

There is also a free six-month trial, which gives students full access to all offers and perks.

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