I’m a pensioner and I’ve been left on the scrapheap – thousands like me won’t get £400 cost of living help


A 74-year-old pensioner, one of thousands not entitled to the government’s £400 living wage, says she feels she has been left on “scrap”.

Ruth Massey lives in a park House Site with her husband Tony, 77, in Whitegate, Cheshire.


Ruth Massey and Her Husband Tony Feel Like They’ve Been Left on “Scraps”

park houses Private leisure or leisure are located on the parks and have their own “pitch”.

People living on such sites usually pay service charges to the operator, which includes their bills and utilities.

This means that Ruth and Tony’s electricity is not provided through a domestic power supply contract like other homes.

And as a result he is one of thousands who make £400. will not be entitled to energy discount declared by Rishi Sunki last month,

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Now Ruth works part time under Credit Control and has tried to increase her hours to make up for it. revenue The cost of living crisis begins as a bite.

“I still work part-time because I have to, but we have people on our site on a very fixed income,” Ruth said.

,pensioners Nothing got in the pandemic and now it’s on the top, it’s just adding insult to injury.

“It just seems like a loophole for government To get out of paying it.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak last month unveiled a package of measures designed to help households cope with the growing energy bill and cost of life crisis.

He said every household in the country would get a £400 energy bill waiver.

But since then it has emerged that thousands of people up and down the country will not get this vital lifeline.

Among them are renters who pay an “all-in” fee that includes their rent and utilities, where their landlord is responsible for paying bills such as water, energy and even broadband.

And park home tenants like Ruth, who pay the pitch fee to the site owner, will also be missed.

Ruth and Tony pay £203 per month, although their property is only one bedroom.

Ruth said other people on the site pay more than they do.

The pitch fee usually includes onsite amenities such as bathrooms and generators. But since these households do not have a direct contract with an energy supplier, they will not get paid.

Ruth said: “We seem to be the forgotten generation.

“The cost of living and everything is rising and we just feel neglected and like we have been left on scraps.

“I’ve been working since I was seven – 60 years worth of my contribution, and now this.”

The government has said that it is investigating how Discount can be passed in these situations.

But in the meantime, some people will get paid twice, or even more.

Because the money is being withdrawn on a per-property basis, anyone with a second house will get double the cash.

A government spokesman said it was working with consumer groups and suppliers to ensure “as many people as possible” have access to the £400 payment, including “alternative payments for those living in park homes.” Exploring Options”.

It added: “We will publish a response to our consultation on this later in the summer.”

What other energy bill help can I get?

energy bill are set to go up further in just a few months, which will put further strain on the domestic finances.

Offgame warns that Bills could reach £2,800 in OctoberBecause other costs are too high.

But if you’re struggling there’s help your finances,

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced last month energy bill Support scheme under which all households with a domestic electricity connection will receive a one-time payment of £400.

The payment is expected to happen over a period of six months from October and will be with the direct debit and credit customers. Pennies deposited in his account.

Customers with a pre-payment meter will have Pennies applied on their meter or paid through voucher.

On top of this, some energy companies also offer targeted support if you’re struggling to cover your expenses. Bills,

OVO Energy, for example, offers payment plans, Pay As You Go Meter, and also has an Energy Fund, which helps customers who have fallen behind on their payments.

There is also the Warm Home Discount Scheme, which gives homes £140 off their electricity bill for the winter.

Pennies You are not paid, but there is a one-time discount on your electricity bill between October and March.

If your supplier provides you with gas and electricity, you may be able to get a discount on your gas bill instead.

Your best bet is to contact your supplier to learn more.

You can check if you are eligible for the Warm Home Discount Scheme government website,

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Another option is to contact your local Citizens Advice Branch – they may be able to guide you on who to contact for additional assistance.

If you don’t know where your nearest Citizens Advice branch is, you can use their branch locator,

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