I’m a money expert – here’s how to get over £3,000 NOW while you wait for cost of living help


The emergency cost of living is soon being distributed to UK families – but here’s how you can get over £3,000 worth of help while you wait.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently unveiled a £15 billion support package last month to help the country pay rising bills, but many families need help soon.


You can get thousands of pounds worth of aid right now while you wait for cost of living paymentscredit: Stewart Williams

Rishi A. announced help including £400 energy bill discount October and a. to be handed over from £650 payment On the means-tested benefits offered from July.

Many old families will also get £300 lump sum “pensioner cost of living payment” in Either November or December.

But according to Martyn James, consumer expert at Resolver, you may have to wait months for your cash while these plans are in place—if you need help now, there’s more available.

apply for domestic assistance fundChecking if you’re eligible for help with rent, and getting an energy bill grant are just a few of the plans that can get you thousands of free cash.

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Martin is one of our experts at The Sun squeeze team Panel, here to help guide and advise you through a cost of life crisis.

If you’re concerned about meeting your needs, struggling to pay off your loans or don’t know how to best manage your cash, get in touch by emailing squeezeteam@thesun.co.uk Do it.

Domestic Support Fund – £300. until

The government’s Household Assistance Fund provides assistance to vulnerable families through supermarket and fuel vouchers, or one-time cash payments.

Financial aid is offered through local councils, so how much you can receive and whether you are eligible will depend on where you live.

The plan was originally a £500million pot, but has since been increased to £1.5bn as the cost of living crisis worsened.

the sun has seen you can As much as £300. get receive To help with the cost of energy bills, food and more in some areas

Martin said: “It’s a postcode lottery because each council sets the rules for how payments are distributed. But if you’re struggling give it a try.”

To find out what support is available in your area, contact your local council, which you can find using gov.uk checker toolOr visit its website.

Discretionary housing payment – £965

Hard-up tenant A. can get assistance for rent by applying for discretionary housing payment (DHP).

Local councils have DHP plans – if you are on profit this is a small pot of money that you may be able to access.

If you are claiming the housing element of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and are struggling with the cost of rent, you may be eligible.

“Funds can help you if your payments have fallen short, you are moving and need a deposit or rent, which you will need to pay before proceeding,” Martin said.

A Sun investigation found that the average DHP paid to struggling families is £965.

The Sun contacted 30 of the country’s largest councils and found that payments ranged from £54p in Wigan to £32,000 in Brent.

Each local authority gives DHP cash to those in need on a case-by-case basis, and the amount available may vary.

Those with the most difficulty are likely to receive a higher amount, but the payout available also depends on how much cash to give to the council and how many people have applied.

Energy Bill Grant – £750

Energy suppliers offer cash grants to those most affected by the increase in bills.

For example British gas is giving £750 through your hardship fund – And you don’t even need to be a customer.

But the amount may vary according to your supplier and your circumstances.

It’s not only Universal Credit claimants who can get help, but you may qualify if you’re on benefits and have a low income.

Ask your supplier what’s on offer and how to apply, or look here:

“Explain that you can’t afford the bills and ask if help is available,” Martin said.

“You will be asked to provide information about your finances – make sure you answer all the questions – and the business should come up with some realistic plan to give you a little bit of breathing space or reduce bills. I can get help.”

Welfare Support Assistance – £1,000 . until

run multiple local authorities welfare assistance schemeWhich are available to low-income people who have run into financial difficulties – or who have had to deal with a crisis.

Martin said it’s worth exploring what’s on offer in your area: “There may be a number of plans through your council that can help with everything from food and furniture to discretionary payments.”

For example, you can get supermarket vouchers, cash grants to spend at supermarkets including Morrisons and Aldi, and in some cases money to pay for furniture such as sofas and beds.

but the sun may reveal that there are families Facing the Postcode Lottery When it comes to what they can do to help.

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As each council runs its own plan—and decides whether to help—some families may claim more than others.

We found that in some areas you can get up to £1,000, with some councils not even having a plan that families can apply at all.

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