Iceland shoppers furious after heading to stores for 1p sale only to find bargains were online only


Buyers of ICELAND were furious after visiting stores for its 1p sale only to find bargains online.

In an offering launched this morning, a range of products were up for grabs at a discounted price — but what some customers didn’t realize was that it wasn’t available in-store.


Deal makers were disappointed to find that the deal was online Alamy

Shoppers flocked to the stores to make the most of the deal – but were left deeply disappointed.

One woman said: “Sorry, it’s all wrong, not everyone online shopping is so unfair.”

Customers had to shell out £40 to get free delivery – but some say the minimum cost was too high, Mirror informed of.

One woman said the “kind gesture” was “flawed”.

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She added: “How many low-income families would be spending £35+ not paying the £4 delivery fee, only to find their money items mysteriously out of stock and missing from their orders?

“But now that they have spent £35+ on Icelandic foods, they can no longer buy full price bread, milk, butter etc from their local shop/supermarket.

“Certainly it would be better served as an instore offer, where low-income homeowners can reconsider their purchases as they turn around and find everything they need is out of stock…with One loaf of bread, four pints of milk and butter/margarine cost less than the £4 delivery fee!”

Others thought sales weren’t so bad, with some praising Iceland for trying.

One person said: “There are lots of free WiFi areas around towns and city centers and there’s WiFi in libraries or community centers if you’re near one.”

Iceland’s Managing Director Richard Walker said: “We are working hard to ensure that our customers are supported as much as possible as the cost of living continues to rise and we expect our 3p everyday The essential sales of this weekend will help a little.

“Our last sale over Christmas and Easter was very popular and this time we have decided to offer this deal on vegetables along with everyday essentials to help our customers as we navigate through . Cost of living crisis.

“We are committed to helping our customers as much as possible during this difficult time and will continue to do so.”

This comes as shoppers are having a tough choice as the cost of living crisis reaches new heights.

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a mother who has now lost her job Walks to many supermarkets To get the best bargain… even if they only save him 5p.

Safina Kassu, 44, used to be a high-flying event organizer, but now she has to find the best deal to put food on the table.


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