Iceland is selling a 4litre air fryer that’s £20 cheaper than Currys


Freezer Food Specialist Iceland, a supermarket giant, has extended its reach to kitchen gadgets, as it is selling a budget air fryer.

Icelandic Daewoo Healthy Living Four Liter Air Fryer Only £35 to buy.


Iceland’s four-liter air fryer has been cut in price
  • Get verified sellers for Iceland Daewoo Healthy Living Air Fryer, Was: £44.99 Now: £34.99 Save: £10 – buy now

countertop work Used to be £44.99, but this has now been reduced in price, saving buyers one tenor off their total bill.

It works with little or no oil, circulating hot air that cooks delicious food with fewer calories.

The generous capacity of four liters means you can cook enough for the whole family as well.

It also has simple and intuitive controls – a dial for temperature, and a dial for a 30-minute timer.

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And it’s easy to wash, too, as the removable pot just requires a quick hand scrub once the job is done.

The air fryer is available online and installed in Iceland for a discount price, so you can pick up the new kit at your next grocery store or virtual store.

But almost the same model is being sold at the tech giant, Curry.

The only difference is that the nifty kitchenware has a price tag of £54.99 slapped on the box.

Meanwhile the cheap dupe was spotted by a bargain hunter hotukdealsPointing to an impressive £20 savings.

But before you rush off to cash in on that same 30% discount, you must have a shop first.

Use price comparison tools like google shopping To find similar products from other retailers and compare prices.

You may find that there is an even better offer out there.

We already know the new gadget is about half the price of a Curry’s copy, but shoppers can pick up something cheaper from JD Williams.

the store is selling Only £30. your version forBut the £5 you save means compromising on size because it’s only a two-liter model – half that of Iceland.

you can also get another identical copy For the same price as the Wayfair one, but like the last, it’s a bit smaller in size.

How much does it cost to use an air fryer?

with getting up energy bill Stacked at the front door, many customers might be hesitant to add another kitchen gadget to their arsenal gas puzzler equipment,

good news, there is a new one air fryer can be cheap Than to hit your oven.

So splurge on budget purchases can reduce your electricity bills over time.

Sarah Broomfield, Energy Specialist Uswich previously told The Sun: “While it may cost about 12p to cook a chicken in an oven, it will cost about half that in an air fryer.”

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But how much it actually costs to run it won’t be the same for everyone.

What you pay for electricity will depend on your tariff and also how large and efficient your appliance is.

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