I was left with ZERO State Pension after huge government blunder – I was owed thousands


A retired barmaid is shocked to learn that she is owed zero state pension when a major government mistake leaves her without thousands.

Estelle Henley stunned by Heath, southamptonwas wrongly informed that it would not receive anything when it claimed in April.


Estelle Henley who almost missed her pension with her husband Robocredits: PA

The 66-year-old was gutted by the bad news, but she managed to fight for her money Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) who admitted his mistake,

Estelle, which was eventually paidNow is urging other women of her age to stand up for themselves or leave with money in their retirement.

She worked full-time at her daughter’s pub for 15 years before retiring, although her husband Rob continued to work part-time to support her.

The retiree said: “I knew something was wrong when I was told I was not entitled to a pension, but there may be other women who may not realize that they have been misinformed.

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“I would encourage anyone who has been turned down for a pension to make sure no errors have been made.”

Because Estelle paid”married women sealFor at least one year during the 35 years before the age of 66, she is entitled to £4,400 per year because she is still married.

And women his age who are divorced or widowed should receive £7,400 a year if they pay the same reduced rate of National Insurance.

Under the old state pension system, these women could claim some of their state pension based on their husband’s contribution.

But the errors meant that some of these women were falsely told they had zero authority.

The government’s mistake could catch countless other women who have reached state pension age since 2016 and are divorced or widowed.

In fact, three other women with the same problem as Estelle joined her to reverse the DWP’s decision, thanks to the support of former Pensions Minister Steve Webb.

About 10,000 women are estimated to have qualified, but no one knows how much they may have missed out on their money like Estelle.

Last year was also revealed that retirees were underpaid by a total of more than £1 billion, each deprived on average of £8,900.

Mr Webb said: “When the DWP admitted to me that they were making mistakes for this group of women, I assumed they must have established procedures to solve the problem.

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“Yet I continue to hear from women who have been wrongly told they are not entitled to a pension.

“What worries me the most is how many other women there could be who relied on what the DWP told them and are now struggling to get by without the pension that they deserve. .

“The DWP should check all its records for such cases and fix things, as well as make sure these mistakes don’t happen again.”

A DWP spokesperson told daily mail: “This year we will spend over £110 billion on state pensions and our priority is to ensure that every pensioner receives all the financial assistance they deserve.

“Where errors do occur, we are committed to identifying and correcting them.”

Mr Webb also wrote to current Pensions Minister Guy Opperman to sound the alarm about the mistakes, so the spokesman said: “We will respond to the letter in due course.”

Women who have paid the ticket of married woman at any point in time till retirement in 35 years should check whether they are getting the correct amount or not.

They should contact the Pension Service to see if they are entitled to a higher pension.

Pension service can be accessed using gov.uk website or by calling 0800 731 0469.


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