I was gobsmacked after EDF sent me an £8,000 energy bill for a house I no longer lived at – it was scary


One woman is shocked after EDF sent her an £8,000 energy bill for a house she no longer lives in.

Don Gibson, 58, was initially told she was in the credits when she called the provider to tell her she was going home.


Don Gibson was terrified to get the heavy dutycredit: NNP

Cleaner, from Spanimoor, County Durhamwas told it was in £400 quid – and sent a check confirming the amount.

But in an almighty mistake, he was later billed for four years’ worth of energy – a total of £8,117.72.

Don explained: “When I called EDF to tell them we were going home they said I was in credit and sent me a check for £400.

“A month later I got a bill for the new owners. I called them and they said don’t worry about it.

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“Then they billed me over £8,100.”

When Don called EDF to complain, he was told that two accounts had been created for his old house and that the bill was for his energy usage since March 2018.

But Don had already paid all his bills through direct debit and there was nothing due on him.

She said: “It was scary. I didn’t know what it was for.

“How they can generate two account numbers and bill me so much when I have already paid is beyond me.”

The EDF has since apologized to Mrs Gibson and offered her compensation.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are deeply sorry to concern Mrs. Gibson for an incorrect bill received due to an error in our system.

“We are in contact with Mrs. Gibson to confirm that there are no outstanding balances in her account and that a new bill will be sent to her to confirm the zero balance.

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“We have always aimed to provide the best possible service to our customers and on occasion we have fallen short, we have offered Mrs Gibson a £50 goodwill offer which she has accepted.”

Don was billed £8,000 despite paying fees four years in advance


Don was billed £8,000 despite paying fees four years in advancecredit: NNP


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