I was evicted from my newbuild block of flats three years ago after ‘cracks’ were found – I’m £500,000 in debt


A DAD who was evicted from his new building block of flats three years ago is said to have a debt of £500,000, which was never allowed to go back in.

On Tuesday, it has been three years since 130 residents of Mascot Towers in Sydney, Australia were evicted after large cracks were found in the building.


Anthony Najafian was evicted three years ago due to an emergency and is now in debt of £500,000
Dad was one of 130 residents who were forced to evacuate, but never returned to live in their homes.


Dad was one of 130 residents who were forced to evacuate, but never returned to live in their homes.

Anthony Najafian told 9news: “It’s like we’re trapped. We’ve fallen through the cracks and no one can help it.”

He and his wife bought the apartment in 2010 but a few years later and after welcoming their first child, they bought another place to live and rented out the mascot unit.

When the residents, including his tenants, were forced to leave, Anthony thought it would be just temporary, but three years had passed.

And most residents resent the system because the people who lived in the faulty high-rise building never lived there again.

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Most of the affected people are getting some assistance from the government.

However, apartment owners such as Anthony who were not living in the tower at the time, say they have been left behind.

While owners living in the building will continue to receive rental assistance of up to $400 per night until June 30 next year – about ten mother and father investors have received no financial support.

The shocked father said: “Every day when you wake up, you can’t believe it’s real.

“But then you quickly realize that I have bought a property that no longer exists.

“I literally lost an apartment in Metro Sydney.”

With two mortgages, $1 million in mounting debt, a single income, and creditors chasing down, the future for Anthony and his family looks bleak.

He continued: “We thought it was safe, we thought we were safe. I would never have thought my apartment would completely disappear.

“It wasn’t because of us. It was because of the system that the dodgy developers and engineers had to thrive and operate.

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“We find no reason to smile these days. We’re just waking up to one day knowing it’s going to end as soon as possible so we can make progress. But … there’s no end for us.”

Fair Trading Minister Eleni Patinos failed to acknowledge their plight when speaking to 9News, instead referring to the assistance given to the owner’s occupants.


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