I tried McDonald’s new menu including halloumi fries, tiramisu McFlurry and a burger that tastes like lasagne


The smooth cheese sauce is kicked out at the edges when chopping on the new Italian stack—it tastes just like sloppy lasagne.

I was one of the lucky few who tasted McDonald’s new summer menu before coming to the restaurant.


We Have to Try McDonald’s New Summer Menucredit: David Dyson
It's not summer vacation without a place of ice cream


It’s not summer vacation without a place of ice creamcredit: David Dyson – Commissioned by The Sun

serving it this summer Halloumi Fries, a Tiramisu McFlurry and Four New Burgers,

Mega McDonald’s menu shake-up Summer is holiday themed and is coming in two waves, so you won’t be able to try everything this week.

On Wednesday June 8, McDonald’s is adding ‘Taste of Italy’ menu items – a new Italian Stack, Crispy Chicken Italiano and a Tiramisu McFlurry.

Then on July 27, it’s adding flavors from Spain and Cyprus with the Spicy Spanish Stack, Chicken Fiesta Burger, Spanish Fruit Punch and the much-anticipated Halloumi Fries.

McDonald's features four new burgers and brand new halloumi fries in a flagship menu shake-up
You Might Get One Summer at McDonald's Your Cashier Might Surprise

I went to McDonald’s headquarters last week to try out the new menu item ahead of its launch at the restaurant.

muddy and greasy – but good

The Italian Stack Burger, which costs £5.39, features two beef patties, mozzarella, crispy onions, a rich tomato sauce, lettuce and a smoothie cheese sauce.

It comes in a tomato and herb style bun. I found this burger to be a little more on the greasy side – but in a good way.

That’s because the beef burger tasted exactly like sloppy lasagne.

If you love a cheesy burger then this is the one for you too, after all, a lasagne is all about the cheese layered between sheets of pasta straight from a hot Italian oven.

The Crispy Chicken Italiano is one for chicken lovers, with a crispy fillet topped with juicy tomato slices, mozzarella, a basil pesto style sauce, red onion and lettuce, and served in a toasted ciabatta-style bun.

Compared to its beefy twin, the Crispy Chicken Italiano tasted very fresh. It costs £5.39.

It had a nice light and airy bun, the burger had plenty of freshly flavored salad.

If I had to compare it to anything I’ve tried before, I’d say this burger tasted more like a Subway sandwich than anything else.

Tiramisu McFlurry – My Verdict

Then there was Tiramisu McFlurry. The classic soft serve ice cream features a chocolate biscuit with coffee and swirls of chocolate sauce on top.

It was nice and velvety. This reminded me of a lot of secret menu hacks where fans are adding a Shot of Coffee for a Vanilla Milkshake to Make a McDonald’s Affogato,

I was excited to try the Spanish Spicy Stack—and like McSpicy, it really lives up to its name.

There’s been a lot of praise recently for another menu addition – McSpicy.

The burger features two beef patties, chili cheddar, red onion, spicy tomato sauce, and lettuce. It comes in a hot paprika bun and costs £5.39.

I was also excited to try the Chicken Fiesta. When I’m on vacation in Spain, I love ordering the fast food chain’s version of Patasa Bravas.

Somehow without the carby vegetable, McDonald’s has managed to recreate the exact taste of that iconic dish in this burger.

It seemed like a lot more tomato than the other versions on the menu, but it’s perfect if you’re after proper Spanish flavor.

Chicken Fiesta, costing £5.39, comes with a crispy chicken fillet
With Chorizo, Chili Cheddar, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Red Onion, and Lettuce
In a bun on top of your hot roasted peppers and paprika.

Lastly, Haloumi Fries

This is the first time McDonald’s has served halloumi fries in the UK and the long wait will soon be over as they join the menu later this summer.

They tasted a lot like the classic mozzarella dippers that Mackies have had a while, but they had a squeaker texture to the cheese—as you often find with halloumi.

The breadcrumb coating was nice and crisp as well and made a nice savory substitute for fries. I really liked them.

They come in a bag of four and a rich, delicious tomato dip, which costs £2.49.

In the end, I cleaned my palate with the new Spanish Fruit Punch.

Costing £2.29 for a medium or £2.61 for a large When fans get a chance to try it later in July, the thirst-quenching drink was a dream as the room started to heat up.

The chilled soft drink is great if you have a sweet tooth like me because it’s bursting with berry and citrus flavors – this is no Sangria, but McDonald’s will do it.

There are four new burgers to try


There are four new burgers to trycredit: David Dyson
Crispy Chicken Italiano Tastes Like a Subway Sandwich


Crispy Chicken Italiano Tastes Like a Subway Sandwichcredit: David Dyson – Commissioned by The Sun
the ice cream machine is not broken today


the ice cream machine is not broken todaycredit: David Dyson
Imagine a Burger That Tastes Just Like Lasagne


Imagine a Burger That Tastes Just Like Lasagnecredit: David Dyson
If You Love Everything You'll Want to Try This Burger


If You Love Everything You’ll Want to Try This Burgercredit: David Dyson
Name "spicy" no joke


The name “spicy” is no jokecredit: David Dyson

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