I save nearly £1,000 a YEAR on groceries by being part of a food club – here’s how you can too


Filling up your fridge has never been more expensive, but shopper Elaine Wishart saves £960 a year on her grub by being part of a food club.

Ellen, 54, from South Field, Bristol, is currently unemployed and living off her savings.


Elaine saves hundreds on her food bill by going to her local food club
She gets tons of fruits, vegetables, tinned goods, pastas and fridge staples from her food club


She gets tons of fruits, vegetables, tinned goods, pastas and fridge staples from her food club

she’s worried about how she’ll do Spend his weekly shop as food prices rocketSo joined a local food club for over half her bill.

“I went to Tesco Yesterday and noticed that the juice I got went up to 30p,” she said.

“You can see in supermarkets that prices are going up by about 50%.

“I’m living on savings at the moment, and I’m going to struggle in a few months if I can’t find work.”

Food clubs are usually run by charities, which sell food to hard-to-reach homes at great discounts in public places such as community or church halls.

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Clubs work closely with local supermarkets, who donate food closer to their sale date that would have been thrown away anyway.

they are different from food Bank Because you don’t need to refer to use either one.

Elaine’s Food Club is run by the local charity BS3 Community, and it runs once a week at Church Hall in Bedminster.

You’ll have to pay £1 for an annual subscription, and then £3.50 at the door every week.

Shoppers have one and a half hours to go to the club.

You go around the various stations set up in the hall, which are: a tin section, vegetables, fridge items and fruits.

Volunteers give you food to make sure there is enough for everyone.

Elaine said she could get the bulk of her shop from the club for £3.50, but would go to the supermarket to get her meat and treats, bringing her total bill for the week to £10.

“My weekly food store was £30 a week – now it has come down to £10,” she said.

This means his monthly food bill has been reduced from £120 to just £40 – which equates to a healthy £960 savings year over year.

“Last week I got lots of vegetables including lemon squash along with chickpeas, tomatoes, green onions and butternut squash, char pie, and a big bag of pasta,” she said.

“If you were really strapped, you could easily live it up, but you still have to get over some of the little basics like oil and butter.”

She said her club has become very busy lately as the fight against the dire cost of the stay-at-home crisis.

Millions are forced to cash in as bills from energy to fuel and transportation spiral.

“It’s definitely been busy. I had to queue for a good 20 minutes to get in last bar.”

How to Find Food Clubs

Whether there is a local food club in your area will depend on whether there is a charity providing the service.

Family Action runs food clubs nationwide – you can check to see if there are any near you Website,

Otherwise you can try contacting your local council, foodbank or community charities to see if they can give you information about whether there are any food clubs in your area.

How else can I lower my food bill?

There are government schemes run by local councils, such as domestic assistance schemeWhich provide assistance in the form of vouchers for food bills, lump sum payment and more.

You can also apply for welfare assistance scheme Which helps low-income families with necessities like food and other bills.

If you are pregnant or have a responsible child under the age of four, you may healthy start voucher,

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free school meals May also be available to your family if you meet certain criteria.

Food shopping with yellow stickers can help you Reduce the cost of your purchases by up to 75%.


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