I sat in the dark and took one shower in NINE days after Eon mistake left me terrified my energy would be cut off


Sitting in the dark, too afraid to light up with her stomach rumbling due to lack of food, 82-year-old Elizabeth Metley wept.

She felt hopeless and alone and had lost half a stone by eating only sandwiches, because she feared that her energy would be cut off at any moment.


Elizabeth was afraid that her energy supply would be cut off and she remained miserable for nine days.credit: solent
She bathed once in nine days because she was afraid that she would be bitten


She bathed once in nine days because she was afraid that she would be bittencredit: solent
Elizabeth, with the help of her daughter Jackie, struggles for days to reach Eoin.


Elizabeth, with the help of her daughter Jackie, struggles for days to reach Eoin.credit: solent

The pensioner, who used to be an office secretary before retiring and lived in Havant, Hampshire, endured nine days of misery, where she avoided bathing and cooking because of a mistake made by her energy firm Eon .

Elizabeth found that she was unable to turn his meter up When she moved into her new home earlier this month.

No money was left on the meter by the previous tenant, which means he or she will have to dip into the emergency credit.

But Eoin forgot to tell her that if she didn’t have the money, her supply wouldn’t be cut off.

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Unaware of this and unsure of when the meter would be switched on, she was afraid to use gas and electricity.

“I only had one” tea cup One in the morning and one at night,” she said.

“I only had a shower Nine days in, I did a strip wash instead.

“I’ve Only Cooked One Meal in the Microwave That’s Why I” didn’t have to use the cooker – I’m staying away from sandwiches.

“I’ve lost half my weight because of anxiety and not having cooked food.”

Eon can provide customers with an emergency loan of £5 and if it expires, you could be cut off from your supply.

Elizabeth said she spent hours on the phone trying to top up her meter – but she was constantly stopped.

She said her 61-year-old daughter, Jackie Martin, who is also from Havant and can’t work due to arthritis issues, is trying to help her solve the problem.

“My daughter and I spent four and a half hours in eon trying to talk to someone when I arrived on May 7th,” she said.

“We were just left on the phone.

“I even went to Citizen Advice – one of their helpers was on the phone for two and a half hours and that too was not available.”

She finally reached Eon on Tuesday – a full 10 days after she moved in.

Eoin said she should have told him that she wouldn’t be able to officially become a new customer until May 19.

So he was not given an account number so that he could top up his account.

She was told that she should have been informed that she would not be deducted if she used all the emergency credits left on the meter.

“I had no reason to worry about all this, someone forgot to tell me,” she said.

“I live alone and I get scared when my daughter has to go home.

“I’m not usually one to cry but I’ve felt so worthless, it’s been horrible.

“I’m afraid to sit here in the dark and not be able to do anything about it.

“I’m sure I’m not alone in this situation – more needs to be done to help people like me.”

Desperate for help, Elizabeth writes a letter to Sun Money asking her to fix the problem.

It wasn’t until we called Eon to immediately look into his case that anything was done.

The energy firm apologized for “poor service” and agreed to put £50 on his pre-payment meter, as well as reimburse him for £40 he tried and failed to put on his meter.

A spokesperson said: “We have spoken to Mrs Mattley and have apologized unconditionally for the poor service she has received.

“We will continue to remain in close contact with Mrs Mattley to fully resolve this matter.”

Elizabeth said: “I’m so glad it’s sorted out now, it’s such a relief – it’s not pleasant at all.

“Without your help, I don’t think I would have reached the aeon to solve this.”

What to do if you’re having supplier transfer issues

Before you go home, you’ll need to let your new supplier know.

Citizens Advice states not to use keys or cards or put money on the meter until you have contacted your new supplier.

This is because you can afford to pay extra for debts from people who lived there before you.

If you’re having trouble contacting your energy supplier, you can make a complaint.

Citizens Advice says energy suppliers’ customer service is now on average the worst since 2017—meaning you’re more likely to be hanging on with a problem.

You should complain to your supplier if you are unhappy with how your situation has been handled.

If you’re still not happy, you should take it to the Energy Ombudsman.

They handle issues between customers and suppliers.

If you have tried to resolve an issue with your provider and you are not getting anywhere, the Energy Ombudsman will look into your matter and see if they can help you deal with the complaint.

It helps in resolving the issues of billing, installation and delays, loss of service, customer service and switching suppliers.

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If they help you process your complaint, they can only help you refund the bill for 12 months.

This means that before this you will not be able to get the money back.

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