Huge change to Aldi and Asda divides opinion as they rename their aisles – with some shoppers left ‘disgusted’


ALDI and Asda shoppers are split when supermarkets rebrand the “women’s hygiene” aisles as “period products”.

Some called the move abhorrent as they accused the brands of “signaling over the top virtue”.


Buyers upset over corridor’s name changecredit: AFP

Others furiously urged owners to focus on alleviating poverty on what they call sanitary products rather than making them cheaper.

And some insisted that the name change didn’t matter and accused those disagreeing with transphobia.

Campaigners have previously argued that the term “hygiene” implies that menstruation is unclean, which they said adds to the negative stigma that surrounds menstruation.

asda And Aldithe latest change after high street chemist shoes First rebranded in April.

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Heather Stringer wrote: “OMFG. Stop the world, I wanna get off!

“This over the top virtue sign is absolutely ridiculous. Sick about it.”

Lynsey Gerry said: “What about women who are no longer menstruating as of menopause, but want to buy Femfresh products?

“I don’t want to be reminded that I don’t have a period anymore. I’m pissed… Who do I text?”

Dominic Hinsenbergs commented: “But they’re feminine hygiene products for God’s sake… I honestly hate this world we live in.”

But Yale Tal slogged: “The sole name of feminine hygiene products should be “subsidized by the government,” rather than asking companies to charge too much for an essential item for half of their lives for women of all ages.

Heidi Garnham agreed: “Who cares what it’s called, but they should lower their prices on all period products to stop period poverty!”

Meanwhile Rosie Axon said: “So many negative comments but what difference does it make to anyone except those who use period products but don’t identify as female.

“Say it’s the virtuous sign you want, but really the only thing you’re doing by disagreeing so strongly with a completely harmless rebrand is indicating your own transphobia.

“What is happening in the world seems to apply more and more every day, but not in a way that transphobes disagree with such positive changes, it seems. Educate yourself, I beg.”

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An Asda spokesperson told thI Mirror In March: “We’re proud to have made this change to our stores to better reflect shoppers’ attitudes toward period products.

“These items are an essential part of shop for so many people, so this change in wording helps us remove the stigma from period and period products.”

Asda said changing the name would help remove the stigma


Asda said changing the name would help remove the stigmacredit: getty
Some accused supermarkets of giving over-the-top virtue signs


Some accused supermarkets of giving over-the-top virtue signscredit: getty


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