How to get your council tax reduced or even FREE – are you eligible?


Homeowners worried about paying their council tax bill may be eligible for a rebate or even pay nothing at all.

The cost of living crisis has left many people struggling with monthly payments, such as energy bill And the cost of fuel and food is rising.


Here are ways you can reduce or even clean your council tax billcredit: Alamy

and Martin Lewis warned yesterday Energy bills could rise by another £1,000 per year this winter.

But from exemptions to deductibles, there are a few ways you can take your deductions. Council tax bill.

It comes after the council’s tax debt loomed large, with figures showing £4.9 billion now owed families in England.

The Money Advice Trust, which runs the National Dateline, has now urged the government to change the way local authorities collect Council tax loan of.

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Council tax is one bill that you should always try and avoid falling behind, as the consequences of not paying are the most dire.

Council tax considered a priority billFailure to pay this could result in bailiffs, court action or even imprisonment in the worst case scenario.

If you miss a payment, you may Asked to pay the bill for the whole year in advance.

Many people may not realize that they are eligible for reductionOr even get full payment of the balance amount.

If you are a low-income family, or receiving benefits such as universal creditYou can get up to 100% off your council tax bill.

On top of this, most households in England require families to have a . sure to meet £150 off their council tax As part of government measures to tackle the cost of living crisis.

What assistance you can get depends on your circumstances and where you live, as each council decides what assistance to provide to people in their area.

Factors that will determine how much exemption you can receive include your household income, whether you have children, and if you receive any benefits.

Here’s what you need to know:

council tax exemption

Government announced council tax support in February As a discount of £150.

This council tax will be given to families in bands A – D, which means 80% of households in England.

If you don’t know which council tax band you are in, the government’s website is at a useful tool, All you need to do is enter your postcode.

Eligible council tax payers will receive the money remitted to their bank account, not a Discount,

If you do not already pay your council tax bill by direct debit, your local council will contact you to obtain your bank account details so that it can pay you cash.

Payments started from 1 April, although the exact date you would receive it would depend on your local authority.

lonely man

If you live on your own, you are entitled to 25% off your council tax bill,

This is also the case if an adult and a student are living together in a household.

If there is one adult and one person in the household classified as severely mentally handicapped, you may also qualify.

If you live with someone who doesn’t have to pay council tax, such as a caregiver or someone with a severely mentally challenged person, you can get a 50% reduction.

And, if you live in a full student family, you can get a 100% discount.

A full list of circumstances that exempt you from paying council tax can be found here citizen advicewebsite of.


pensioners Might even find yourself eligible for a Council tax Shortage.

If you receive the Guaranteed Credit element of the Pension Credit, you may also be in line for a 100% discount.

If not, you can still get help if you have a low income and less than £16,000 in savings.

And a single pensioner will also be entitled to 25% relaxation.

low income families

if you are on one low income or profitYou may be eligible for a deduction for your council tax.

Your needs for getting help will vary depending on where you live.

You may also find a delay if you are struggling to pay your bill, or you can talk to your council about setting up a payment plan to manage the cost.

But one thing to remember is that if you are struggling you should contact your council as soon as possible.

Council tax is a priority bill and if you fall behind you may be asked to pay the entire year’s balance in one go.

And non-payment may result in bail, court action or even imprisonment.

How to apply for deficiency

You can apply for deduction through official website,

You will need your National Insurance number, bank details, recent payment slip or letter from jobcentre, and passport or driving license while filling the details.

if you are not sure what local authority do you live inYou can check the government’s council locator to find out.

And there is also an option to repossess your home if you think you are overpaying on council tax.

This is because people outside council tax bands A to D are not eligible for the £150 exemption.

To re-band your home, you’ll need to check which bands your neighbors are in and find out how much your property was worth in 1991, as this is when council tax bands were fixed.

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MoneySavingExpert has a free calculator tool To help you do this.

But be careful, as you are not guaranteed success with the application, and you may end up being transferred to a higher band, where you will have to pay more.

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