How to get free cash worth up to £400 to help with energy bills and prepayment meter top up – check if you’re eligible


Millions of households are facing high energy bills, but many can get extra help to cover rising costs.

and people prepayment meter Toppings can also help.


Extra cash from councils can help you cover rising energy costscredit: getty

gas and electricity Bills Hundreds of pounds have risen and are expected to go up even higher this winter.

Martin Lewis warns Bill payers are faced with an additional payment of around £1,000 in October, when Price Range Extends,

Councils are offering free cash assistance to help people cover the cost of high energy bills.

it comes from domestic aid fund which is a pot of £500million from government.

Exact date you can apply for £1,000 bill support within DAYS
Complete list of help Parents can now apply for school holidays

Money is being given according to the size and need of each area and then the local authorities are giving cash to those who need it.

In Rotherham for example the hardest-hit families can now apply for up to £400.

Residents can claim for cash Energy Crisis Assistance Schemewhether they are at work or not.

A grant of £250 is being given to pensioners or an additional amount of £400.

You must show that you have no more than £150 left per month after you have paid for essential costs such as food, rent or mortgage and utility bills.

And to show it you have to provide information like recent bank details and bills.

Anyone living in Rotherham can If they are eligible then apply here — and they can access similar support elsewhere where they are.

How do I apply for help?

Each council is given a pot of cash to give, although the exact amount of help you can get varies by how much and who is eligible.

For example £150 FREE supermarket vouchers in North Yorkshire Food and essential commodities are being given out.

And reading council Energy vouchers worth £98 to its own pensioners, as well as £49 to help area families cover similar costs.

Eligible residents can receive £120 in meal vouchers to cover meals for Norfolk children, thanks to Council’s latest hand-out,

there is £180 in support of the proposal for those living in Cornwall, and Parents in Brighton and Hove £105 can be found to cover essentials over the coming school break this year.

resident in Blackpool can get as much as £300, depending on their circumstances.

To find your local council, use Council Finder Tool.

Once you have found your council, its website should have information on how to apply for funding.

Each council will have a different application process – so the exact details on how to apply will depend on where you live.

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Free cash up to £2,050 if you are not eligible to pay the cost of living

This means that the eligibility requirements for accessing the funds may also vary – it is best to check with your local council for more details.

If there is no information on your council’s website, it is best to call them and ask for more information.

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