How much does it cost to run a hot tub?


With the warmer weather, you might be thinking of splurge on a new hot tub.

But even then it seems that retailer after retailer has cut prices For every spa on the shelf imaginable, you need to think about the effect it will have on your pocket in the long run.


We see how much it costs to run your hot tub

there are additional cost Which comes with running it after it is installed in your back garden.

You’ll need to connect it to your power supply to keep the water warm and remove bubbles – but that can be expensive.

and with a cost of energy bill At an all-time high you need to think about how a luxury item can affect your budget.

electricity bill last month 54% increaseBringing the average annual price a family has to pay to £1,971.

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that’s because Price cap increased on 1st AprilThe standard tariffs for around 18 million households across the UK add on average around £700 to bills.

But bill payers are not yet clear, as raising the limit further may make it possible £2,800. move up to Later in the year as well, adding another £800 to the bills.

Now that the sun is setting, and the UK is on its way to a heatwaveYou might be tempted to splurge on some new things in the garden.

But if a new hot tub is one of those back-yard accessories you’ll need Keep those rising energy figures in mind,

energy usagewater bills, it all adds up

Obviously, the cost will vary depending on a number of factors, including the type and size of your spa tub, as well as how much you use it.

According to whatsapp?The most energy efficient hot tubs on the market will cost between £1.00 and £1.30 per day.

This is based on current energy charges of around 28p per kWh.

If you want to get your money’s worth from your new purchase, and you use it every day, you may find that you are paying up to £9.10 per week.

And by the end of the year you could have spent an additional £473.20 on your energy bills.

However, this will depend on how much you pay for your energy and how much you use it.

This can cost you even more in the colder months, as it will take more energy to keep it warm than the outside temperature.

But the cost does not stop here.

You have to fill it in too – and dorset hot tub It is estimated that the 1500-1700 liters you use each time you fill it will cost around £1.50 a pop.

One way to cut costs from the start is to go small – the more water in your hot tub, the more it will cost to run, so only opt for an eight-seater, for example, if you need it. .

You also need to make sure that you are on top of the maintenance and cleaning of your tub.

According to the trading directory Checkatrade, A clean and service will set you back £225 per visit,

You’ll probably need one of these once a year.

And when it comes to repairs, they aren’t cheap either – they can be anywhere from £1,000 to £3,000.

There are also chemicals, tools and replacement parts to think about.

Cut the cost of your hot tub

Efficient operation of your hot tub will help keep that electricity bill down.

First, check your electricity tariff. No matter how energy efficient you and your hot tub are, you’ll be wasting money if you don’t have a good tariff.

Be sure to lower the temperature. Most people like to keep their tub between 38 and 40 degrees. But every degree less will save you approx. 10 percent on your energy bill.

Do a quality check. Make sure your cover is still in good condition as 60% of the heat gets radiated from the surface.

You can buy additional insulation to keep the heat inside—just like you can to keep your home warm.

Of course this means spending more but it may be worth it in the end.

And make sure you keep it clean. If your filter is dirty and clogged it will take twice as hard work and twice as long.

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With many Britons investing money in their gardens, we Everything you need to know about hot tubs before your purchase.

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