Fuel price warning for drivers as prices set to hit £2 per litre – how to cut costs NOW


Drivers have been warned about “unreliable” fuel prices, as the cost is about to reach £2 a litre – we explain how to cut costs now.

The latest figures of the government show that yesterday the average price of one liter of petrol had reached one Record breaking 175.6p.


Drivers are getting affected by rising prices at pumpscredit: Alamy

This marked an increase of 6.6p in just seven days, when the cost of filling was 169p.

In the same time period, diesel prices increased from 3.7p to 183.5p.

RAC warns that rising costs could impact expecting families Catch summer vacation.

It was estimated that the cost of filling could rise up to £2 per litre during the holiday season.

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RAC Fuel spokesman Simon Williams said a full tank could set drivers back an “incredible” £110.

“Wholesale price of diesel is fast approaching 160p per litre, when you add 7p retailer margin and 20% VAT, the pump price will exceed the £2 mark,” he said.

“We strongly urge the government to take drastic action to help minimize the impact for drivers from these never-before-seen pump prices.”

Drivers are getting hurt at the pumps due to the rising price of Brent crude oil.

This comes as families are gearing up to go on their summer vacations, which means the demand for fuel for their travel is increasing.

Other than this, Russia-Ukraine crisis Supply uncertainties have also led to a jump in prices.

MADAD has been launched by the government to help reduce costs for motorists.

chancellor 57.95p fuel duty reduced by 5p per liter In the spring budget, the amount of 6p savings at the pump after including VAT.

But some petrol stations have Didn’t pass this savings on to customers on multiple pumps – which could mean that they are Named and shamed by the government.

How can you reduce fuel costs now?

When prices go up, there are several tricks you can use Save on filling.

Make sure your tires are inflated – less air pressure in your tires means your tires will drag, slowing the car down and using more fuel.

If your car is a dumping ground for your belongings, you may want to drop it.

The less your car weighs, the less acceleration it will need to move forward – and that means Less fuel is used.

It also pays to slow down – the harder you press on the accelerator, the more fuel you have to do, so it pays to slow down.

You can use sites like PetrolPrices.com You can do a 20 free search – to see which has the best rates and the cheapest options near you.

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