Four ways to slash your bills NOW as half of ALL households cut energy usage


More than half of all households have reduced their energy use as costs spiral – here are four ways to cut your bill.

As the cost of living crisis bites, 52% of customers are using less gas and electricity, according to the Office for National Statistics.


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This comes as lakhs of households have seen a hike in electricity bills earlier this year.

The energy price cap, which came into effect from April 1, took the average household bill Up to an average of £1,971 per year.

This means families are now spending £693 more on their energy bills – but this is expected to rise even more in the winter.

Ofgem’s boss warned that the price range may increase somewhere £2,800 area in October – Adding £830 to bills.

This year all the help families can get including their energy bills
Full list of people who won't automatically get the £400 energy bill discount

Although the government announced that emergency aid would be given to families later this year to help pay, many are concerned that it simply will not be enough.

Here are four ways you can reduce your energy bills by cutting down on your energy use.

Turn off energy consuming devices

Summer is the perfect time to reduce your energy consumption, as you don’t need to turn on central heating.

But you may not know that some common heat tools can add Hundreds on your energy bills.

In the summer months, using a hot tub can help you Bill blow of £765.

Whereas an electric patio heater can add £100, and an extra fridge for your BBQ can raise your bills by up to £99.

check your equipment

Making sure your appliances are running properly is a good way to keep your energy costs under control.

For example, a freezer that hasn’t been defrosted. Add £150 to your bill.

This is because when the frost freezes, the motor has to work harder and requires more energy.

while a Whistling or leaking boiler Hundreds can add up to your bill.

change laundry habits

change the way you do laundry There may be another way to spend less on energy.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you switch from a 40-degree wash to a 30-degree wash, you can cut 12 pounds a year off your bills.

Most models of washing machines now come with an eco-mode that can be used to save the environment – ​​and some cash.

this setting use less water And that means you’ll use less energy to heat your laundry while it does.

According to British gas engineer Joanna Flowers, you can save £10 a year by dialing your machine to this setting.

take a quick shower

We all love a shower to unwind, but long showers can add up to £72 a year to your bills.

Spending a long time washing your hair every day will cost you £110 a year, but speed things up help you save cash,

While you’re at it, make sure you’re keeping an eye on how you’re brushing your teeth.

flowing water When You’re Brushing Your Pearly Whites £60 per year can add to your bills.

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moving your furniture, Lowering Your Thermostat Just One Degree And keeping the bleeding from your radiators can save you all money.

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