Four big changes to online gambling rules under new plans including a BAN on free bets


The government is set to announce curbs on online gambling fearing that the industry is ruining lives and costing crores.

Ministers will publish a review of a 17-year-old gambling law, which concerns that it is out of date for the modern day, Times report,


Preparing to impose new restrictions on online gamblingcredit: alamy

Restrictions will include maximum bets between £2 and £5 for online casinos, restrictions on free bets and the VIP package. the gambler Those who suffer major losses and “non-intrusive” affordability checks.

Let’s look at the affordability check problem the gambler Ongoing losses were asked to prove that they could afford to continue betting.

Gambling Companies must also remove features from online games that increase the level of risk for customers, including quick games in which customers can lose. Pennies faster.

It comes after Public Health England (PHE) last september study got the total cost of Health Harm Gambling was approximately £960 million.

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This includes suicide, which is worth £619.2 million.

The study also found that an estimated 409 suicides were linked to Gambling every year in England.

An investigation into the death of teacher Jack Ritchie earlier this year found that the 24-year-old teacher had failed with “grossly inadequate” warnings and treatments.

Campaigners have also expressed concern over the current nature of advertising in the television and sports worlds.

Meanwhile, ministers have abandoned plans to impose sanctions. Gambling companies with sponsorship Premier League football shirt.

Last year nearly half of the clubs in the competition were sponsored. Gambling companies.

Sun recently spoke exclusively to a former gambling addict Who paid off the debt of hundreds of thousands of pounds and tried to take his life twice.

What should you do if someone you know has a gambling problem?

There are several steps you can take if you think someone you know is struggling with a gambling addiction.

Be Gamble Aware The website suggests a number of steps you can take to help someone who may need help.

Some steps include: understanding what an addict is going through, knowing how to talk to someone with a gambling addiction, and avoiding rewarding gambling behaviors.

If you are personally dealing with an addiction, the NHS has a useful webpage Which provides many useful tips.

Some include trying cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a talking therapy that can help change the way you think and behave.

There are also treatment and support groups available for people wanting to stop gambling.

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gamecare Provides free information, support and counseling for problem gamblers in the UK.

It runs the National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133) and also provides face-to-face counseling.


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