FIVE reasons why your Universal Credit payments could be cut


The impact of the Universal Credit cut is becoming even greater because of the cost of living crisis.

inflation is set to climb to 11 percentAnd the energy price limit is expected to rise to around £3,000 in the autumn as well.


The British could see their Universal Credit cut for a variety of reasonscredit: getty

research from step change The impact of rising costs suggests that cutting government loans is a major risk for low-income households.

universal credit The last six were designed to replace benefits – A move to help encourage people to find work.

But the Department of Work and Pensions can automatically deduct money from your allowance to pay off your debt owed to the government.

Stepchange clients on Universal Credit will face an average monthly budget deficit of £77 in October, even with government support.

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In the meantime, here are the five biggest reasons your Universal Credit payment could be cut.

benefit of paying more

Some families are suffering after Universal Credit initially overpaid.

was a mother hit with approval Even if it wasn’t his fault.

An administrator error meant he was paid £738 more than he should have.

But then he was fined £50, even though the overpayment was not his fault.

And other Britons across the country are facing a similar situation with worst-time debt repayments.

Because of the deductions, one woman said she was struggling to make a living on £143 a week and that the deduction was reducing her allowance.

advance loan

Those who struggle while waiting for Universal Credit payments may have advance loan.

But when it is interest free, there is a significant difference between applying for the scheme and getting the money.

It is this waiting period that plunges vulnerable Britons into further debt.

It can take up to five weeks for you to enroll in the Universal Credit System, and any existing benefits you receive in the meantime will also stop completely.

The loan means that the repayment will be automatically deducted from your future Universal Credit pay outs.

budget loan

Britons struggling on Universal Credit may get a budget loan To cover unexpected costs in the new year.

But while claimants can apply for amounts up to £812 – you need to plan to pay it back in the coming 12 months.

you can borrow from As little as £100 and £812 . until If you are a home with children but you should apply to borrow only what you need.

While this can help you cover large costs in the short term if you don’t have savings to fall back on, you will still be expected to make money back in the long run.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) deducts an amount from your Universal Credit payment each month from your first payment.

not applying for work

Another reason your Universal Credit payments can be withheld or deducted is because you are not applying for work.

This is because under the commitments you agree to apply Jobs To get you back in employment.

Universal Credit claimants are expected to accept the job they are offered, as long as it is within reason.

You may be approved if your JobCenter job instructor doesn’t think you’re trying hard enough to get back to work.

quit your job

Leaving your job for no good reason can see you Approved very.

There is no definite definition of what is a good reason, but may include not affordable. Childcare cost.

However, if you decide to leave your job, your benefits payments may be lower.


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