Exact date Tesco Clubcard vouchers set to expire – millions of customers urged to check


Millions of TESCO buyers are being urged to check their Clubcard accounts today as the time to use their vouchers has expired.

if you got some old vouchers Buried at the bottom of your wallet, don’t be too late to claim them.


Tesco buyers have until the end of August to use Clubcard vouchers issued in 2020credit: getty

Tesco Vouchers are given to customers who use their . earn points throughout the year by using Club Card,

One point is awarded for every £1 you spend in-store or online, or one point for every £2 you spend fuel.

If you score 150 points, you’ll receive a voucher worth £1.50, and vouchers can be redeemed at other food stores or with Tesco partners, such as Pizza Express,

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But vouchers don’t last forever – they expire after two years from the date of issue.

This means that customers have to use Coupons First issued in August 2020 before the end of August this year or they will become invalid.

The exact expiration date of these vouchers is Wednesday, August 31st.

voucher Can be used online and in stores to save money on weekly shopping or refueling.

They can be purchased from Tesco’s reward partners, such as Pizza Express or . can also be changed online with cineworldWhich raises the value up to three times.

You can trade coupons online Tesco’s websiteOr use the app.

This means that a £10 voucher can be converted into £30 with multiple partners, including Chessington World of Adventures And English Heritage.

To see when your vouchers expire, log on to the Tesco website or app.

How can I extend my Clubcard voucher?

Martin Lewis‘ Money Saving Expert (MSE) has explained that Tesco customers can Extend the use of vouchers He has earned through Clubcard loyalty scheme,

But with just a small purchase Tesco Clubcard Rewards Website You will get the remaining points credited back to your account.

For example, if you buy a 50p voucher with Pizza Express, one of Tesco’s partners, you will receive a £1.50 voucher to spend at the restaurant and the rest of your points will be returned to your Clubcard for the next two years.

So if you have £10 worth of points and you buy a 50p restaurant voucher, the remaining £9.50 will go back to your account rather than expire.

find your Nearest Tesco Store Using Online Branch Locator.

How does Tesco Clubcard work?

Clubcard vouchers are collected as long as you scan your membership card Tesco.

You get one point for every £1 spent – or one point for every £2 on fuel – and 150 points is the equivalent of a £1.50 voucher.

It’s better value for money to spend vouchers with a Tesco rewards partner, but you can also spend them on your supermarket shopping.

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Points are worth three times more when you redeem them with one of the supermarket’s partners.

Buyers using their Clubcard can also receive Discounts on selected items.


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