Cost of living crisis stopping renters from joining the property ladder before their forties


Renters now believe they will only join the property ladder in their forties, due to the crisis of cost of living, according to research.

Giving birth to a new onegeneration rent’ – A quarter of existing renters think they will be in their fifties before buying a home.


Renters blame rising cost of living as the reason it has become even more difficult to secure their own homecredit: Alamy


And 13% believe they may even be on their way to collecting pension before giving up your tenancy.

study of 2,000 adults who are currently or have been on rent It was also found that 48% of the tenants currently cannot afford to reduce the deposit amount.

While 34% attribute this to rising cost of living, it has become even more difficult. secure your home,

One in 10 (11%) find it easy rent in the area They want to live in it but can’t shop there.

Thousands charged twice for rent after payment error - How to get money back
Beneficiaries can get all assistance from rent assistance to energy bill grants.

It also emerged that 67% of tenants are cutting their expenses rising cost of livingWhile 52% are eating less food.

Others are going on fewer holidays, cycling more to destinations or selling personal items they no longer need.

Study commissioned by NatWest’s bill-splitting app, of household membersIt was also found that 16% of renters lead stressful lives with other people.

And 17% have experienced living with ‘difficult’ housewives – even a quarter have had to ask their landlord to intervene.

Keeping dirty utensils around tops the list of annoying housewives habits, followed by not cleaning up and chasing your share of household expenses.

As a result, the key qualities tenants look for in a housewife are cleanliness (61%), respect (58%) and responsibility (52%).

However, it’s not just unsuspecting housewives, which means renters are more likely to want to climb the property ladder – as seven out of 10 want a place they can call ‘home’ someday.

Of those who want to buy, 54% think it will be financially better in the long run and 31% would simply prefer more space, according to a study conducted by OnePoll.

A spokesperson for NatWest said: “Renting with household members can be a complicated business but splitting the bills shouldn’t be part of the problem.

“Today’s renters are potentially longer-term tenants than ever – we want to help.

“Housemate is our free app that makes it easy to stay on top of shared household expenses and take the first step towards owning your own home.”

The Top 20 Housewives Grabs When Hiring:

  1. leaving dirty dishes in or near the kitchen sink
  2. not doing your part of cleaning
  3. Housewives are chasing after common bills to pay
  4. playing loud music late at night
  5. Hosting house parties till the early hours
  6. keep the lights on
  7. Do not take out the box or litter it until it is full
  8. not recycling properly
  9. eating food in the fridge that doesn’t belong to them
  10. leaving the toilet seat up
  11. Wrong distribution of monthly bills
  12. taking too long in the shower / hogging the bathroom
  13. Staying with a partner so often that they have to pay rent/bills
  14. leaving wet laundry in the washing machine
  15. smoking
  16. Leaving property in a shared space (eg hallway, living room) that takes up space
  17. Not paying for household items that benefit everyone
  18. leaving laundry on the drying rack for weeks
  19. always hog the tv
  20. never taking ownership of rent or bills

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