Cadburys hit with Flake shortage – causing ice cream sellers a major headache before the heatwave


Cadbury’s flake shortage threatens to end the summer rush for 99 ice cream.

The chocolate firm has reported that supply chain issues have affected shares of the traditional ice cream topper.


Holidaymakers may struggle to get a layer this summercredit: getty

And it couldn’t have come at a worse time as Britain is set to warm over Jamaica on Friday.

Tara Price, 46, and husband Andy, 45, run Devon Vintage Ice Creams with four vans throughout the county.

Couples typically buy 286 boxes containing 144 flakes for hot summer preparations – enough for 41,000 ice cream.

Tara told The Sun: “It’s a big concern for us, at the moment we won’t have enough for the six-week school break and that could cause us problems.

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“You can only buy up to ten boxes at the wholesale price and they don’t go very far when there’s good weather.

“And we’re looking at importing boxes from Europe to make sure we have enough, but it’s too expensive.

“Hopefully they’ll get more before the holidays, otherwise there will be problems.

“Otherwise we may have to start making ours!”

Weather Office forecasters have predicted temperatures could rise to 86F (30C) this week, the hottest day of the year after Heathrow recorded 81F (27.5C) last month.

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High demand in the ’99s put American giant Mondelez, owner of Cadbury, off guard, as stock levels after the sale agreed with their customers at the start of the year.

Mondelez says there is a global shortage.

Abbey Beach, owner of Abbey’s Ice Cream in Hessle, East Yorkshire, said: “A box holds 144 flakes.

“It sounds great but if you go to a big event you can easily use eight or nine boxes.”

The latest flakes in a string of supply problems

Cadbury’s flake is the latest food to be hit by supply issues as shortages of sunflower oil and wheat affect the cost of breads, pastas and breakfast cereals.

UK food and beverage firms have also warned of potential shortages of beef, poultry and dairy.

Ice Cream Vans Members’ Association, Ice Cream Alliance, said: “Once again, there is a shortage of flake product.

“This is disappointing for our members and their customers as the Flake product is synonymous with whippy ice cream known as Flake99 and is enjoyed throughout the UK, especially in the summer months.”

“ICA hopes that the supply issue will be resolved at the earliest to benefit both our members, the ice cream industry and their customers.”

Cadbury’s Flakes are produced at two sites near Cairo, Egypt, and another site in Dublin, Ireland.

A spokesperson for Mondelez International said: “In line with what many other companies are reporting, we are experiencing some global supply chain disruptions, as well as the level of recent increases in product demand in the UK and Ireland. Above is what we agreed with our customers at the beginning of the year.

“This means we are facing some short-term stock challenges on Flak 99.

“We are working, and will continue to work hard to resolve the situation, and are working closely with our direct delivery customers to manage stock allocation based on initial forecasts.”

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99 Flake was coined in 1922 by ice cream seller Stefano Arcari, who ran a shop at 99 Portobello High Street in Edinburgh.

His family claims that he will break a flake in half and stick it in ice cream for his customers.


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