Britain’s wokest workplace lets staff have six hour days and still pays them for full shift


Britain’s busiest workplace allows employees to work only six hours a day – but they still get paid for the full shift.

They can choose to go to the office “once or twice” a week – or choose to work from home.


Sophie Howe earns £95,000 a year at the Office of the Future Generation CommissionerCredit:

Taxpayer-funded employees at the Future Generation Commissioner’s office in Wales also get a “cheerleader” to support them.

Boss Sophie Howe – on £95,000 a year and with a budget of £1.5 million – previously appointed Rufus Mufasa as the “poet in residence”.

A recent job ad said: “We count on you to decide where and how you want to work. We aspire to have a six-hour work day.”

It said the perks include a well-gifted and eco-friendly phone.

The motto of the public body is “Love Work, Get Life”.

Perks include a wellbeing gift and an eco-friendly phone


Perks include a wellbeing gift and an eco-friendly phone
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But Ms Howe has been accused of wasting public cash.

Tory MP Nigel Mills said: “It’s gone crazy. It would be strange if it wasn’t a massive waste of taxpayers’ cash. ,


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