Boris Johnson hints at cut to VAT on energy bills for everyone – saving hundreds of pounds


Boris Johnson has hinted at cutting VAT on energy bills to save Britain hundreds of pounds.

Prime minister He said he would not rule out tax cuts as the families were facing a subsistence crisis.


Johnson threatened tax cuts for disappointed voters last nightcredits: PA

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program on Saturday, Boris Johnson said the government was doing “a huge amount” to support people “with the financial firepower we have”.

When asked why he hasn’t cut yet? tub Feather energy billHe added: “I don’t rule out that we will.”

He said the government had “already cut fuel tariffs by record amounts”, but acknowledged it would be “swallowed” and added: “We have more to do.”

Asked if there will be further cuts in tax, he said: “We want to make sure that those deductions are properly passed on to the consumer.”

He said: “I’m very happy to have an argument about the tax and I’m saying some of the things we’re already doing.

“But when it comes to energy, and the cost of people’s energy bills, tax is not enough.

“You have to see how the whole thing works.

“And one of the problems at the moment is that people are being charged for their electricity prices based on the upper marginal gas price, and that is frankly ridiculous.

“We need to get rid of that system.

“We need to reform our energy markets, as they have done in other European countries.

“So that’s one of the ways to improve the market, by changing the way things work, that you can lower prices, you can reduce costs for people.”

it comes as Boris threatened tax cuts for disappointed voters last night and businesses after their double by-election defeats.

PM only promised tories will cut levy To “turbo charge” the UK and get the cost of living crisis under control.

Struggling to get back on the front foot after a loss two by-elections and his shock resignation party presidentHe told reporters: “I’m not going to pretend these are great results”.

But he vowed: “We are a government that believes in cutting taxes, and we want to move to a position where we can wisely and responsibly charge the charm of the UK as a place and be the best possible.” can invest in. tax structure Also for businesses and families.”

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He admitted that itlargest single expenditure“For millions of Britons, swore to stare at their critics and keep their hands on the job.

Tories faced two humiliating by-election defeat Tiverton and Wakefield stormed to victory last night as the Lib Dems and Labor.


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