Benefits boost as new law bans landlords from rejecting claimants and kicking out tenants at short notice


The new laws announced today will make it easier for benefit claimants to rent a house.

Flat-out would be banned from denying people on housing benefits to landlords as well as families with children.


Strict rental rules are being implemented from today

and dodgy bosses will be banned from further dodging their tenants At short notice without any reason.

notice period rent The increase would be doubled to prevent sudden price jumps by greedy landlords.

Action is the focus of the Housing Secretary “new Deal” Being launched in a white paper for tenants.

Housing Secretary Michael Gove said: “For too long many private tenants have been at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords, who fail to repair homes and allow families to live in damp, unsafe and cold properties, using unreasonable ‘no fault’ With the threat of hanging the eviction order. On them.”

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Stricter private rental standards will be imposed to save thousands of families from living in filth.

More than half a million renters live in dirty homes that pose a serious health risk.

Councils would be given stricter powers to impose harsh fines for the worst-off landlords and to recover money for tenants in exchange for a short period of time.

And landlords will no longer be able to ban their tenants from having pets.

They can’t decline an animal friend’s request without a good reason.

Labour’s Lisa Nandy said: “The government still has no long-term plan to fix the problem of ineffective rents.

“In government, labor will rebalance power between tenants and landlords to make tenancy safe and affordable, and to give people more control over their homes.”

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