Barclays bank to close ANOTHER 15 branches with 132 to shut forever in 2022 – is yours on the list?


Barclays is set to close another 15 branches this year in the latest round of closures reported by the bank.

This brings the total number of disappearing sites nationwide this year to 132.


Barclays to close 15 more branches this year

comes after Barclays announced in May 27 branch locations that will be closed for good in 2022.

it’s not alone Bank With Lloyds, HSBC and Halifax missing from many high streets to ask customers to expect more closures.

barclays Said that more customers are now preferring to do their banking online and on apps rather than visiting in person.

A Barclays spokesperson said: “We continue to review and adjust our branch footprint to ensure that it reflects the way our customers are increasingly choosing to do their banking.

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“We will always give twelve weeks’ notice of any branch closure, explaining the rationale for the decision, as well as highlighting the alternative branches and methods of the bank.

“This includes working with the local community to find different, more flexible ways for our partners to continue providing local banking support through a pop-up presence.”

Here is the new list of Barclays branches that are closing this year:

  • finchley
  • Welshpool
  • New City
  • concert
  • Gainsborough
  • congleton
  • green onion
  • garden
  • Morpeth
  • toton
  • coringham
  • melton mobrey
  • Tavistock
  • kleithro
  • rickmansworth

The nearly 30 branches announced last month include Bexhill-on-Sea and Epping which are closing their doors today.

Further branches will remain closed till July, August and September.

they include:

  • stow-on-the-wold
  • rottenstall
  • Muswell Hill, London
  • Bexhill-on-Sea
  • felixtov
  • heswal
  • pebbler
  • gateshead
  • St. Austell
  • surbiton
  • apping
  • manchester
  • Beaconsfield
  • middleton
  • chester lee street
  • feltham
  • selby
  • corby
  • maldon
  • peterborough
  • Prestwich
  • Wales
  • sidecup
  • hawanto
  • Petersfield
  • ride
  • billericke
  • chestfield
  • alfreton
  • lampeter
  • dunmo
  • saffron walden
  • longton
  • chorle
  • ripon
  • Southgate Chase Side
  • Holloway
  • bridgenorth
  • ludlow
  • sheerness

Branch closures in previous years bring the total number of locations that will be gone for good by the end of the year 132according to which?.

You can see which bank branches are there Turning off and on while using the linked webpage,

Barclays isn’t the only bank cutting its number of branches.

Banking groups are blaming the lack of people for the site closure as more people are now using mobile and internet banking instead of visiting the branch.

Experts estimate that around 700 to 800 bank site The whole of the UK is facing a shutdown in 2022.

hbsc After closing 82 of its banks last year, it will close 69 of its branches before the end of the year.

During this, Lloyds Banking Group confirmed the other This year 28 branches of Halifax and Lloyds Bank are closing.

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NatWest will close 32 branches this year Including the sites of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

As well as fewer people visiting branches, companies are looking to cut costs as sites become more expensive for employees to get up and running.

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